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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - BV8 for sale on Ebay

Guys, FYI I noticed that there is a BV8 for sale on E-bay. It has a Ford 302. It looks like a good conversion, and appears to be in perfect shape, although there is some wierd stuff going on, like the steering wheel appears to sit a few inches closer to the driver than stock. I don't know what's up widdat. Also there is hood scoop that's, well, none too subtle, holy cow.

The whole thing's certainly not to my taste -- it's no sleeper, that's for sure -- but one of you power maniacs might like it. Buying it might be one hell of a lot easier than spending every free hour for the next two years shoehorning a 302 into your car.

Sorry, I did not copy the URL for the ad. I believe he is asking $10K for the car.

Here's the link.

Boy 1700lbs!! I gotta get me some of those helium filled minilites:)
Michael Hartwig

Interesting, I noticed that that car has attracted no bids. The hood/bonnet is for the birds and it needs the chrome put back on and the steering wheel put back in the normal place, but other than that it certainly looks like a super car. I was under the impression that properly done V8 conversions, on the rare occasions when they traded, routinely went for much more than $10K, no? I ran into a fellow who IIRC paid $18K a couple of years ago for a pristine GT conversion. Is a car with a Ford 302 worth less than a car with the real Rover engine? Just curious.

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