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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Can carbs be used on a 3.1/3.4

I've been doing a lot of reading about the pros and cons of FI vs carbs. It like talking about religion. Anyway, I would like to put a GM 3.1 or 3.4 in my car. The ecu conversion seems far to complicated. I can but a lot of gas with the $1000.

I would like to keep it simple.So my question is this, can I put a carburator and distributor on a 3.4 DOHC, if not a 3.4 what about a 3.1.

I have an MGA with 2 SU's, and it runs just fine. My 66 Tiger had carbs and it went like a bullet. So this setup works for me.

Thanks, Mike

The DOHC 3.4L V6 has not been used in an MG B as of yet. The carburetor systems and manifolds cannot fit that motor, that would be a custom job.

FWD motors from 1987- present do not have carburetor systems and the head and manifold designs are different, so you cannot.

RWD motors from 1982-1995 CAN use carburetion either an aftermarket high rise 4 bbl or 2 bbl or the stock progressive 2 barrel.

Mike, I sell conversion kits and wiring systems for the 3.4L SFI L32 Camaro motor from 1993-1995. This motor came with Distributorless ignition and is a fantastic overall plug 'n' play design. Yes, fuel injection costs more then STOCK carburetion, but fuel injection is not just about saving gas. If you purchase a new 4bbl manifold and carburetor, you will have almost the same amount into the system anyways. My website is going through some updates, so pricing and products will be updated hopefully sooner then later.

If you want the ultimate low cost conversion, you will have to pick up a 1984 or older carbureted Camaro and take what you need from there, but personally do not believe the savings are worth it.

BMC Brian McCullough


Thanks very much for your input. I was favoring the FWD as it is lighter. True, not by much. But if I go with the Camero drive train I can get it with bell housing and T5. This will save a lot of trouble as I won't have to worry about the flywheel , clutch , water pump etc. So I think you sold me on the Camero setup. The more I think about using a carb and distributor, the more I am convnced that this is the route for me. Thanks again, I'm going to go to your web site and have a look at your products. Mike

NB, I was hoping that there was a way to use the DOHC with a carb. We try.

I went the carbed rout and am happy with it. I had a manifold top designed to use a 4brl and still use a stock hood.
You can go to web site for a conversion kit for the rwd motor.

Another source is the S10 pickup or GMC equilivant for front engine/rear drive components. There is some difference in the transmission and bellhousing from the Camaro however. I favor the Camero/Firebird components personally. The early S10 2.8 version featured a non-electronic distributor and carburator which makes the conversion really simple. I favor the fuel injection, but the wiring and computer can be a bit much for some, I understand you wanting to keep things simple.
Bill Young

Since you have first hand experience with the FI. If I were to purchase a GM car with FI. Can I use that ECU in my MG, if so how easy or difficult is in. I figure that I would no longer have some of the sensors, and this would be a roadblock. Thanks, Mike

refer to this site he just installed a camaro engine and tranny using the GM EFI.
also go to
for more info onthat conversion as well as others.
andy heston

I used the Camaro computer in my midget without any major problem. There were several sensors that I had to figure out how to eleminate or bypass, but the car runs great. I won't say that it is perfect, as I still get a check engine light, but the code indicates that the fault is related to emissions and shouldn't affect engine operation. If you have other questions my e-mail address is listed.
Bill Young

I know you addressed this to Bill but I will throw something in anyways...

You will need to use the PCM from the donor car and use all of the inputs from the motor, but you can remove some of the outputs.

BMC Brian McCullough

Andy, I contacted Adam and one other fellow and they both confirmed that the carb from the RWD 2.8 will fit on the RWD 3.1 and 3.4. So for me, this is the way to go. Nice and simple.

At the end, once the mixture is in the cylinder it will go bang if is was dilivered there by MPFI or a carb. I already won a carb on Ebay for $5 (beats $600 for an ECU). I may put a Holly on later if I want more HP.

Thanks gents. This post was a success.


We have installed a stock carb as well.. The system fits nicely under the bonnet, but no stock air filter system fits under there, you simply rebuild the bottom plate to fit a bit tighter or build an air inake system similar to fuel injection...

You will enjoy the power improvement over the MGB with out a doubt. The minimal torque and BHP on the earliest motor was 140Tq and 110 BHP and with all the extra stuff off there, it goes up.

BMC Brian McCullough

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