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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Can one readily convert a C into a V8?

Would a CGT be a good candidate for a V8 conversion? I know the lump of a motor in the C was _much_ heavier so I reckon it would be totally wrong (but maybe there's a way).
Dave Howell

My father in law has a converted mgc roadster. It has the 3.5l rover engine and a SD1 gearbox.
So it is possible to use the MGC for a conversion.

Jhonny Sokura

Confirmed - Simon STretch's 1998 Moss championship winning car is a CV8 (not a Jensen !)
David Smith

The MGC offers some significant advantages and one is the removal of 560 lbs of cast iron!

The engine bay of the C is quite a bit larger in width terms than the MGB and so offers very considerable advantages for exhaust system design. The front suspension was never able to show it's best with that heavy weight up front and with a lower weight and better front to rear balance you have potentially a better suspension. The torsion bars will probably need to be reset to account for the lower weight and the consequent higher ride stance.

Lastly Chris harver, the author of many MG and other motoring books, owns/used to own a C roadster converted to V8 by John Chatham and which was featured in his book 'MG The A, B and C'

Roger Parker

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