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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Cant Start first time!

I have a 3.9 with Edelbrook inlet and carb. I got the car in the winter months and only drove her on nice days, but as the weather has warmed up. Its a sod to start first time.
I have tried 3 kicks on the gas before starting- much reccommnded. No choke/choke. Foot off gas/mid way/full down. If i miss the first time she tries to start then i've had it till she dries out.
I fitted a new battery, having worn the first one out and the problem is worse, when she turned over slower she seemed to spark to life better.
When she does run she is as sweet as a nut????


You might have to put in a balasted 6V coil.

The cars a '75. has this not got a resistor built in. I thought it Had?
R Clark

Sounds like you are running too rich. I don't know about your carb but can you lean the idle? Also may need to check fuel pressure and float level.

From cold I use:
switch on ignition and wait till fuel pump stops clicking
then 4 full pushes of the accelerator pedal to the floor
then pull choke out approx half an inch
then switch on starter
When it fires I hold the revs on the accelerator pedal and get the choke pushed in very quickly

Bob, thats how I used to do it! But when it does not fire, one has to try something else.
I'm going to try using the colortune kit to try and ballence the two sides.

Regards Ray
R Clark

It might be worthwhile checking voltage at the coil during cranking. At one time I had a modified Chevelle which had a ballast resistor added to the car which already had the resistance wire within the harness. The ignition switch bypassed one but not the other which made for hard starting if not caught the first time.

Sunny skies,

Edd Weninger
Edd Weninger

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