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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - caution-RPI

I bought a very nice Factory V8 which was completely rebuilt and put out 200 bhp. I do MG Car Club Track Days and decided to uprate to a 4.6L Stage 3 engine. Checking web-sites I decided to approach RPI and talked to Chris Crane . Their website and other info. on the net makes clear that circa285 bhp can be expected. I made my requirements crystal clear at RPI premises ,but being a laywer did not get the precise details in writing. The engine was poorly fitted,and produced 200 bhp and 238 ft/lbs after run in . They were encouraged to change exhausts, carburettion, fuel pump/regulator etc. etc. After fruitless discussion I had the engine rebuilt by John Eales who found the bearings shot , crank in need of regrind ,engine skewed and sitting on chassis rails etc. etc.The car is now beautiful with 275 bhp. I went through the County Court but lost my case as I could not definitavely prove that I had asked for 285bhp(despite this being on RPI website) Beware
m salter

Sorry to hear your experience. It certainly looks as if the 'customer' must be specific on requirements, and if the producers are in doubt about their abilities to give the requirements some times they lack the courage to admit it. But the fact that you found 'substandard work, shot crank, surely opens the door of negligence. Would you not have a case there? MIke
J.M. Doust

Trading Standards.

I have heard the same from the trade. Caveat emptor !
R Walker

I used Real Steel for my 3.9 engine rebuild as I had heard rumours about RPI. 10,000 miles later, Real Steel seem to have done a good job.
Mike Howlett

My first engine was an RPI 4.6.

My current engine is a John Eales 270 bhp 4.6.
Absolutely lovely. Big difference.

Fitted to a manual Rangerover classic.
A surprisingly quick car.
Hugh Alison

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