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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Change of subject

We received this comment over the weekend, which we agree with, hence the change of subject area.

"just wondering about changing one of the headings on the mg board, the one i am referring to is for mgb gt v8's and v8 converisons. there are many many v6 conversions now as well as 4 cylinder ones popping up with all the high out put 4's now around. how about changing it to read just "conversions" or maybe engine transplants or swaps? it would be more accurate and also more all encompassing"

Mike Plumstead
Mike Plumstead

Rather than have so many posts on so many different subjects tossed in under one topic heading, why not just start another heading for V6 conversions, and a heading for "tuned four cylinders". I already check the MGB, the MGB General, the MGC, and the V8's headings. another heading or two won't hurt me.

rick ingram

I agree it might be practical to be more general but isn't there a case for finding some more headings. What about :

MGB technical - original spec 18 series engines - All systems
MGB technical - 18 series 4 cylinder competition
MGB GTV8/RV8 technical - Original and Rover conversions - All sytems
MGBV6 technical - All drivetrain conversions
MGBV8 technical - Non-Rover/Buick - drivetrain conversions

and if this required more space- you know which Boards have little or no traffic (RV8 ?).


Currently it looks as though this is a site for people converting their MGB's to GT's


I aggree with Peter.

Suggest you revert the V8 subject to previous heading and change K-series subject to something like "midget's & B - engine swaps"

Its not ideal - V8 conversions could fall under either heading - but it adds less subjects at the top level of the BBS.

Dave Brooke

Ditto Peter and Mike. I thought it was a new subject for people sawing the roofs of GTs, then wondered where the V8 subject has gone. An undeserved relegation of the original factory V8, I feel.
Paul Hunt

I thought it has been working just fine the way it was.
Carl Floyd

I think the arguement (An undeserved relegation of the original factory V8, I feel) might be wrong since 99.8% of the cars here are aftermarket builds that don't mimick the factory cars...

Also, when speaking of conversions, here in North America, the SBF, BOP/R, GM 60 degree V6, Ford inline conversions and many others are generally using the T5 gearbox and similar differentials in thier conversions.

Other converted item are commonplace as well such as suspension and wheel upgrades. I do not want to see seperate sections and if i had to see different sections, it would be:
and the other subject would be:

The first one would cover those few people that say how they are converting to the BOP/R V8 because "Its what the factory did" and the other one would allow for ALL conversions, including those early rovor motors that have something more then the dual SUs and a MG B gearbox with special gearing.

I am glad to see the generic V8 tag go away being a fellow who stands by the V6, but an extra word such as motor or engine might help to define the subject better to newbies... Just add one extra word to the mix for less confusion.

Not trying to stir things up, just my thoughts...

BMC Brian McCullough

I think we should keep it under one bbs, not split it up for V6, V8, etc... I read every topic because good engineering is good engineering no matter how you slice the pie. I glean information from the sbf guys even though I'm a rover guy. Don't make me go looking in 3 places for information that could be helpful to anyone doing a conversion.

Think about searching through the archives... you know you saw something about fuel filters, but you don't remember which BBS it was on, and now you have to dig through a few instead of just one...

You can pick the heading, I don't care, just don't segregate the information.


OK...have two BBS headings:

Factory Clones and Spurious

I will find the info that interests me no matter where it is parked.

rick ingram

I think 'V8' needs to go back in the title.

At the moment, my MGB GT V8 doesn't have a home on this BBS, because it's NOT a conversion. That seems a bit daft to me, particularly when the RV8 has its own section.
Darren Ainsworth

Agree with Darren - on refelection would also prefer this board to be 'MGB/GT Development /conversions although it won't go anywhere so long as you keep 'MGB technical' going.


Since the commonest conversion seems to be based on variations of the orginal in the factory GT V8 how about 'MGB GT V8 and engine conversions'.
Paul Hunt

"MGB/GT Drivetrain conversions"

That covers engines, rear ends and Trans, so those that only say upgrade to the Sierra 5 spd trans would also be included.. More lambs to the wolves that we could mold to se the light of the V8. :-)

I HIGHLY doubt Mike is reading this though, or I would think he would have chimmed in by now. So we need to email him (doing it now) and let him know we need a more appropriate title, as the current one is worse than the last one...
Larry Embrey

Strike that, he did not list an email address and I don't have his. Anyone have it and can email him??
Larry Embrey

I like "Spurious" How about MGB-V8 and Spurious (ducking!) ;-)

Jim Blackwood


An email address for Mike appears at the bottom of every page in this BBS - it's '' .

If the name needed changing in the first place I think Paul Hunt has made the best suggestion so far.

Dave Brooke

Agree with Paul Hunt
Richard E

By including a "GT" in the heading and incluing just "MGB" (or at least "Tourer"), one would be omitting a majority of the conversions that have been done.

I really have to agree with Carl Floyd. It wasn;t broken...why are we fixing it?

Spuriously yours....

rick ingram

I agree with Rick. ;)

Did anyone consider that this also messes up the long running continuity of the Archives?

re: By including a "GT" in the heading and incluing just "MGB" (or at least "Tourer"), .....

I omitteded the word in "NOT including just MGB (or at least Tourer)...


rick ingram

good point carl on the archives, i went and looked at them and it did not seem to "mess them up", this one starts with back dating to 1999 from what i saw. i was the one who sent the letter listed at the top to the moderators, and i never mentioned that i felt something was "broke" but i see the question as "if the subject is not inclusive but exclsuive, why not fix it?" the only reasonable argument i have seen on any of these threads about this change is for owners of "factory" cars that want their own thread, as these are the only factory made cars everything else is "spurious" and should rightfully put under only one heading, jim
james madson

I think this might be a question of Countries. I'm sure there are far more conversions in the USA that use engines other than the Rover/Buick V8.

A lot of the conversions I've seen in the UK use the Rover V8, and they have a lot in common with the factory V8 cars.

Perhaps we should use Paul's suggested title, and have another title for 'customs'?
Darren Ainsworth

How about we just agree that we are not going to agree..let Plumstead name the frickin' thread whatever he wants, and get on with life.


rick ingram

I've changed it again as Paul Hunt suggested:
'MGB GT V8 and engine conversions'

Email me if you feel strongly and I'll reconsider :)
Mike Plumstead

Good Executive decision, Mike! Thank you.

May this thread Rest In Peace.

rick ingram

Seems much more logical now!
Darren Ainsworth

It does not matter to me what you call this section of the web page. It may be confusing to the new commer to the web page, I think it implies "Engine conversion to the MGB GT V8" To me it should be separated. There are three different swaps, Buick/Rover, V6 Chevrolet, V8 Ford. these are the most common, there are others.

Just thinking of the new person comming into the web page, it may be clear to all of us but...
We must think of others.

Thanks for the williness to change the title.

Suggestion, perhaps it should read MGB conversions and GT V8.


Bill Guzman

"MGB conversions and GT V8"

Errr, that puts us back to the 'bumper conversions?, engine conversions?, some other conversion?' conumdrum :o)
Paul Hunt

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