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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Chrome Bumper Conversion - Front Indicator Lights

I am in the process of converting my 78B to chrome bumpers and am looking into the front indicator light options. I have seen something other then the stock B lights used. Where can I get a set.
Jim Miller

I just saw the new kit from Moss Motors to convert the RB to a CB. The kit is complete and it fits. I saw the prototype. some welding required (minor)Call Moss and ask for Kelvin he did a great job.
Look for in the new edition of Moss Motors News letter
Bill Guzman

If my sieve like memory serves me well, I believe that Mikel Moors conversion has the front lights that you are interested in. Tried to find a pic, but to no avail. Are you out there Mike?
Or alternatively, one of the regular contributors to this thread (ie Mr. Spurious) might have a better recollection of Mike's setup.
Graham Creswick

That's what I am looking for (Mike Moor's setup)

Jim Miller

You can get a set of completely clear indicator/side lights (and then use an orange bulb) for a c/b from MGOC.

Rick Haynes


I sent you query to Mike Moor. You might also check with Bruce Wyckoff and/or Ted Lathrop (both in Michigan).

If you will send me an e-mail off-list, I will send your address to Mikel Moor. Then you two can get together.

See you in August at the Excel!


rick ingram

I should have left a follow up message. I got Mike Moors address Graham Creswick and Mike responded that he used fog lamps he purchased from Auto Zone. Headed over to my local Auto Zone and purchased some small rectangular fog lamps with a clear glass lenses. I dont think they are the same as Mikes but close. They are Pilot brand P.N. PL-2055C. Nice little kit for $20 with switch, fuse and wiring. They would be worthless as fog lamps but will work great as front indicators. I ripped out the halogen bulbs and modified the lamps to accept a two element incandescent socket and bulb (yellow 1175 / 2057 style). The lamps are not a perfect fit into the front wing but will do the job. Should have the lamps mounted in the car tomorrow.
Jim Miller


My "turn signels" were purchased at Pep Boys.
I like the clean look, and receive a lot of positive comments at car shows.

Bruce Wyckoff

Another alternative: mid-90's Volkswagen Jetta front turn signal lights. They install with hardly any sheet metal work, they're bright, they're streamlined, and they're cheap.

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