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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Clutch Master Cylinder

Hi guys,
I wanted to test drive my v6 mgb today but we couldn't get the clutch to work. We hooked up the HTOB and bled about a bottle of brake fluid through the system but the pedal never got hard. I am thinking its the master cylinder but I thought I would ask the experts first. Any ideas?
Shawn Kennedy

For the factory cars (V8 and 4-cylinder) I always recommend reverse-filling e.g. using a gunsons Eezi-Bleed on very low pressure connected to the slave nipple. Did mine that way and it didn't need bleeding at all. On a factory car you are looking for about 1/2" to 5/8" of travel at the slave piston to confirm there is no air in the system.
Paul Hunt

I've got no movement at the HTOB. We pulled the master cylinder apart and I noticed a real fine grit inside the cylinder. How hard would it be to repair/rebuild the master cylinder?
Shawn Kennedy

Itís very easy to rebuild the clutch master cylinder. All you need to do is replace the rubber seals. Just be absolutely sure you order the right kit. I just ordered a kit for an unmarked master cylinder and once I scrubbed the master cylinder clean, I discover it did have the markings that indicate a different kit is needed. To make matters worse, I still had to replace the whole thing because the walls of the bore had eroded. So look to make sure the bore is perfectly smooth.
George Champion

This thread was discussed on 11/02/2002

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