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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Clutch Master Question

My car is the 1976 MGB GT V8 model. I was really surprised to find a single line brake system. I figured I would replace all the hydraulics. I have finished with the cooling system. The master cylinders look like the originals. I am having trouble getting a part number for the Clutch master. Any help would be appreciated.
Bob Scott

I also have a factory V8 the clutch master and slave are unique to the V8 current part numbers are GMC1011
master, and GSY113 slave, I had no luck over here got mine from MGOC, Brown and Gammons also has them listed
as well as many others,this is my contact at MGOC very friendly and fast service.
You could have them sleved but new oens are cheaper.


Thanks for the numbers.

Appreciate the help.
Bob Scott

Hi Bob,
If you can't find replacements, white post can brass sleeve the originals. I've used them many times on cylinders that can't be replaced with great results.

Kelly Combes

Thanks to all. I contacted Andrew at mgoc and the correct master cylinder was shipped to me. Cleaning up the pedal box and master cylinder cover was another story.
Bob Scott

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