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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - coil wiring help-please

Changed coil on 3.5 Buick engined MGB. Did dumb thing. Have 4 wires to coil posts. 2 to + and 2 to - posts. Before removing wires from old coil I wrapped red tape around + wires. Put new coil in, unwrapped tape and promptly fumbled the wires so they all dropped down so now I've lost track of which to where.

Two of the wires are black and red from pertronix. No problemo there (red = +)

The other two, which emerge mysteriously from the harness, are white and black. I am assuming that the black is - and the white is +. Correct?

If not ascertainable from wire color, how to test?

Much grass.
David Hawkins

Sounds reasonable. I think you should be able to turn the ignition on and have power to the positive wire, probably the white one. Check the black for continuity to the car body as well.

Many thanks
David Hawkins

This thread was discussed on 09/02/2006

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