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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - conversion price question

I just found an '87 Range Rover in the local paper for $500 with an extra engine - as a parts vehicle. If the engine and tranny are both good, what else do I need to consider for costs in converting my '71 to a V8? I'm just wondering about the big stuff - I already have the fuel system, exhaust is easy, and I can center the tank since it's already out of the car. I already need to rebuild my radiator too, so how much extra should I figure beyond the costs I'm already facing to restore the car? For those pessimists out there, I've done V8 conversions in the past - just not in British iron.
Jeff Schlemmer

If you are going to use EFI I would definitely buy the Range Rover. It is a great price. If you had the time you could easily recoop your money buy selling some of the Range Rover parts. I like the 89-95bEFI system personally, but 87 works well and you would have the entire system to work with. Even if you bought the truck just for the engines it would be a good deal. The Rover V8 is built to a higher standard to the BOP 215. The most expensive part of my conversion was the flywheel to the rear axle. I know I spent around $1200 on a flywheel, HTOB, clutch, T5 Tranny, and drive shaft. Also if you want a larger gas tank, the Range Rover tank fits nicely in the MGB and has a 20 Gal capacity. I have photos of this on my website in the fuel section. If you were to run EFI, the range rover tank has a fuel pump and return line already built in. I get almost 500 miles to a tank!
Good luck
Evan Amaya

Plus V rated tyres and maybe brake upgrade(depending on local legislation.
Get an alloy radiator, its really worth the extra as it will solve your cooling problems for ever. It will also be cheaper in the long run as you will otherwise spend heaps in dribs and drabs. As summer approaches you'll see lots of complaints (from persons without alloy radiators) about overheating, fatal in an alloy/iron engine I think.
Looks good polished too.
P.N. Sherman

I find that things add up quickly especially if you are going to restore the car in the process. It's the little things that you've overlooked or didn't think about prior to cutting the sheet metal; paint, wheels, tops, interior, brakes, moldings, bushings etc. I thought the motor swap part was pretty straight forward (price wise). I'd budget about 8 to 10Gs just to be on the safe side for the whole ordeal (doing everything yourself) and you'll probably end up with something really nice. I also know guys who have lost count or stop counting and I don't blame them. I'm afraid to tally mine up but I know it's up there...
Arayan Lias

re: I also know guys who have lost count or stop counting and I don't blame them. I'm afraid to tally mine up but I know it's up there...

I'll second that emotion! Good thing that I have a very understanding wife!

1974.5 MGB/GT V8 conversion
rick ingram

The real thing to emphasize,
its worth it!!. It just works out so well, the car actually ends up weighing less with 2 or three times the power, dynamite.
Also from a harsh comercial point of view, you will come very close to getting your money back if forced to sell, and you can't say that about any modern, off the line, car.
Mind you a V8 conversion comes up for sale here about once a year, maybe. People hang onto them.
P.N. Sherman

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