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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Countdown to British V8 2005


Once week and counting to "The Driving Event of 2005!"

rick ingram

The car will be back on the road by Saturday night :)
Steve Carrick

Gees, it only seems like 9 weeks ago that there was only 10 weeks to the "driving event of 2005" - where has the time gone?
Fortunately, I have pronounced the new blue oval conversion fit and ready to take the excursion down to Terre Haute.
Graham Creswick


Your should bring Whuda with you and get him away from that Concours restoration!



Well guys, I hate to do this to you again, but more likely than not mine will be on the trailer, and may not run at all, but we will at least be there.

The Enderlie scoop is finished and it looks great, I kid you not. I'm confident it will work as good as it looks. However, I stripped practically all the harness out that was for the old EFI/EDIS and will be cannibalizing the truck for it's Megasquirt-'n-EDIS system. The problem is that it'll have to be set up for the MG, the MS-II mod has to be installed still, the laptop needs the software reloaded and before that can happen the OS needs reloaded too. So it's probably too much to get done in time. We shall see though.

Jim Blackwood

But Jim...the important thing is that YOU and family will be there! It's more about the people, anyway!

rick ingram

What time Thursday will the auto cross start. I will be leaving Hamilton for the three hour drive that morning. Are you guys still one hour behind. Have been putting off installing the carpet but will be putting it in Saturday. Denny
dbw morris

British V8 2005 - The Driving Experience of 2005!




9:00am -

Registration at Holiday Inn -

Vendor setup in the parking lot.

Noon (CDT - 1:00pm EDT)-

Autocross at Hulman airport using airport transfers sevenoaks. Tech of cars about noon local time (1:00pm Eastern Daylight Time)

Supper on your own...Natter n' Noggin, Tyre Kickin', and Lie Swappin' that evening in the parking lot.


Registration open at hotel.

Track Day at Putnam Park - Yes, you CAN sign up the morning of this activity. $150/car if NOT a registrant of British V8 20005 ($125/car for registrants) - $50 if you can catch a loaner car and want to share track time with another participant in his/her car. Loaner hardtop for MGB/MGC available if you do NOT have a roll bar installed in your roadster.

8:00am -

Tech of participants cars and Drivers' meeting at Putnam Park

9:00am -

Track open for partipants enjoyment and test of their driving skills

Throughout the day - Dynometer available (Fee for use.)

4:00pm -

Track closes - caravan back to Holiday Inn.

Supper on your own...Natter n' Noggin, Tyre Kickin', and Lie Swappin' that evening in the parking lot.


8:00am -

British Bracket Racing at Wabash Valley Drag Strip (Tech of cars prior to participation.) The strip will also be open to the public so you'll see Junior dragsters, regional hot rods/drag racers, etc.

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Visit to the amazing collection of cars, bikes, motorcycles, and related automobilia of Frank Kleptz.

6:00pm - 7:00pm -

Happy hour at the Holiday Inn banquet facility (cash bar)

7:00pm - till we quit

Banquet meal (buffet - roast beef, chicken, lasagna) and cash bar; door prizes and auction; keynote speaker KEN COSTELLO

Late nite -

Natter n' Noggin, Tyre Kickin', and Lie Swappin' that evening in the parking lot.

See you at "THE DRIVING EVENT of 2005!"

Your Three Stooge Coordintators of this not-to-miss event!

rick ingram

Now only 3 days to go !!

For "THE DRIVING EVENT of 2005!"

See you all there

Pete Mantell

Take some good pictures for me! I very much wish I could go. My car is running INCREDIBLY well right now. Gas mileage has soared, power is way up, idle is solid... everything is going the way I want it to. =)

I've had a GREAT time at every convention I've gone to (3 now) and I'm hoping to catch up with some (most) of you in August at Twist's place!

Have fun and be safe!

Our FIRST guest from England arrived in the Midwest today...Ken Costello will be arriving on Thursday...

I received yet another inquiry about the meet on the phone tonight..


rick ingram

Bad news for Team Harvey!!!!!!
Can you believe the timing of all this?
Father and son have both been struck by medical emergencies. Here's the story. Last week I spent several days in excrutiating pain as my body tried to pass a kidney stone (if you have had one, you know what I mean!!). After recovering somewhat this week I am still with stone but awaiting its final expulsion from the tract!!! And then Graeme, the son member of the team, was struck down with appendicitis and underwent surgery last night. He is now recovering in hospital. We are both very annoyed at the timing of all this but thankful it didn't happen at the show. Graeme is extremely disappointed since he just turned 18 and was really looking forward to driving his own V8 to the show and hanging with "the V8 guys". I hope everybody has a great time, we will be thinking about all of you and the fun we will be missing!!!!

Martyn and Graeme
Martyn Harvey

Well...I need directions from Indianapolis to Terra Haute Holiday inn.
Will be arriving on Wed evening.

Many thanks.
Bill Guzman


Sorry to hear about the health problems. I was looking forward to seeing (& racing with) you and your son again.

Since you are both under the weather, maybe y'all could limp on down in one car & share the driving duties.

Graeme is young. He will be ready to hit the road in a day or two.
Carl Floyd


Take I-70 west off of the I-465 loop as you leave the airport in Indy.

The Holiday Inn is on the southeast corner of the intersection of I-70 and SR41.

Easy to find.

rick ingram

Have a great time boys! Hoist a few and burn that oil and rubber. I'll make the next one that is in any other month than June. I'll expect a full report in the next V8 newsletter.
Have fun,
Christopher Trace

Well....IT'S HERE!!!!

We have about 15 cars in the parking lot tonight..

Mostly MGB V8s - a couple of Triumph and AustinHealey V8's - a couple of MGB V6's..

Several Ford conversions...several BOPR conversions...a couple of Chevies...

The Austin Healeys have both been converted since 1966.

A little rain tonight...

Only one "broken" car so far...which will be fixed tomorrow...(those impromtu races at the stoplights can sometimes be fatal!)

Autocross tomorrow at Hulman International..

About 50 confirmed registrations and a LOT of phone calls over the past two days inquiring if "Is it too late to come?!" (NO...COME ON OUT!)

Ken Costello is arriving tomorrow..

Keep lookoing here for updates...

rick ingram

I am now officially GLAD I didn't go. The front passenger side brake hose ruptured on me today. I would have been in serious trouble if that happened while on the highway!

God really does watch over us,

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