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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Countdown to British V8 2006

It's about 24 day to the British V8 2006 and I'm still trying to get all of this year's bugs out of my 1980 MGB 3.5L. I'm still debating on an axle swap and time is running out! I'm anxious to be on my way there! ! I guess the B will be ready in time- one way or the other!
John Renaud

Jack, Know what you mean.Mine is finally running after a lower end rebuild.Just need to clean and polish! Go for it on the axle swap.Once you start,there's no turning back. Can't wait,Mike
Mike Moor

I just received confirmation today that Ken Costello will be attending British V8 again this year.
rick ingram

Looking forward to seeing you all again in Townsend. Got the car sorted and ready to go!
Dave B.
BR Dave

Not sure my car will EVER be all sorted out , but rear disks done , just did new wheel bearing & seals on pass. side rear today , goes in for new boots & alingment tues. jacked it way over & added another qt. to [tr-8] tranny that DID make an improvement in shifting & its running well . thanks to many people on this board for the help , see you there.

I should make it OK. Got the dash back in, fitted sealed connectors to the column wires and just finished the connectors for the lights and heater switches. Pretty trick if I do say so myself, one piece plug with 9 sockets that accepts 3 illuminated rocker switches for each location and it all plugs into the factory dash cutout. Each switch can be changed individually, mix-n-match style so I have amber for running lights, green for headlights, and blue for fog. The real trickery was the heater because of the cross brace behind the lower switch but I used some of those sideways slip on connectors and made a step in the mold for the plug. I've been learning some real tricks on molding silicone rubber.

So all of the hard work is done now. Everything else is standard termination. Guages, illumination, a few sensors, and all the outside lights. Piece of cake. Guess I'd better make some reservations soon.

Probably trailer it though, this one last time. Really don't know if I'll have enough time for testing and tuning before the run southwards.

Jim Blackwood

Drats, work deadlines have killed any chance of me being at the meet this year. Luckily some fast juggling means that I can make it to at least some of the MG2006 meet. Thanks to Dan for being so understanding, and to Rick for not having a heart attack.
Hopefully I'll get a chance to hook up with those of you who stay on for the rest of the week. I should be flying in Thursday evening and look forward to talking MGs, engine swaps and how to get out of trouble when you go too far.

Kelvin Dodd
Ojai, CA
Kelvin Dodd

Well, if you don't overdo it the loud pedal always helped me the most in getting out of a jam ;-) Seriously though I'll miss the chance to meet and talk. Won't be there for MG 2006 I don't guess though I'd really like to.

Jim Blackwood

Mike, I'll be flying through your area on Friday the 9th, If you'd e-mail me directions I'd like to stop and see the new garage. Should get my seats back early next week, ready to have some fun & rumble :)))
Steve Carrick

Just took two days of vacation and worked 19 hrs/day fitting the new 266" Olds. Interesting that nothing seemed to fit anymore. Apparently the 300 crank balancer is about 1/4" closer to the front of the block than the 215 balancer was. As the steering rack was only 1/8" from the 215 damper in the orininal conversion, I had to build new engine and trans mounts. Because the engine is so low, I had to rework the alternator brackets that Dan L. sent recently + dish the fenderwell for belt tensioning clearance. First whack with the sledge hammer on the fenderwell and the hammer rebounded into the distributor, fortunately I had a spare! At 2:30 AM Tuesday I was installing the starter...dropped it on my forehead....said S*rew it and went to bed. Starter does not like turning over the new engine, just like sex between 90 year olds, about 5 rpm. Stopping at Summit Racing tommorrow to pick up a new Edelbrock 500, then will try and start her. Reading all the other messages + my thrashing, it occurs to me that the annual V8 meet seems to function to accelerate a lot of peoples projects and upgrades! See y'all there. (Practicing my Tennessee dialect)
P.S. I am looking for a solid GT bodyshell (w/ no sunroof)Anyone know of one available?
Kurt Schley

Keep thrashin', Kurt. You'll make it. I was underneath my car 'til 4 am the day I left for Terre Haute.

Looks like everyone is making more progress than I am. My car is untouched from last year. Still blowing oil & still has a drivetrain vibration. Been trying to get the TF together in time for MG 2006, but it's not looking good. Good thing there's no racing this year. Maybe I'll just ride the Harley.

Carl Floyd

Yep...every year when the V8 meet rolls around, my project attracts more dust!

One of these years.........
rick ingram

Finally got my 4.3V6 running rid of some nagging concerns by adjusting the valves, replacing two hanger straps on the exhaust system, and finally realizing the the "knocking" noise was a loose alternator bracket that was tapping against the block...thank god for simple fixes! Looking forward to seeing all of you in June!
Mike Maloney

Just a reminder, folks, time's running out! Get those registrations in if you haven't already done so (and those that haven't know who you are!)

The deadline for the river boat cruise registration is just 5 days away. You don't want to miss that. They provide a really good dinner buffet, a cash bar, and the cruise up the river is very relaxing - a great way to unwind after a hard day's work looking/talking about cars.

So far, I only have 49 entrys. I had hoped for 75.
Dan Masters

"those that haven't know who you are!"
Last minute everything as usual. That boat cruise sounds good. Sooo.... got my to-do list for Tuesday! (Gone all weekend)

Carl, a Harley is not a MG. Just wouldn't be the same. But I can see why you would, if it weren't for the wife and kid I might jump on the piglet and head out myself. But that's one too many passengers.

Jim Blackwood

I'll get right on it, Dan, sorry. I'm gonna pass on the riverboat cruise, though. Can't go cruisin without my Sweety. ;)

It's only a 2 hour putt for me, Jim. Btw, you're too big for a piglet. You need a Boss Hog (Hoss).
Carl Floyd

FWIW, I've created a simplified map of the East Tennessee area that you may or may not find of interest. It might be of help to print out and carry with you as you get close to Gatlinburg to suppliment your real maps.


We have a total of 67 people going on the cruise so far, and 11 of those are individuals, without their sweeties. Come on along, you'll enjoy it (sure, it'd be more fun with your sweetie, but you'll have a good time even without her).
Dan Masters


Thanks for the map.
See you all there !

Pete Mantell

Blast!!! Just found out that I will not be able to make Townsend, I will not be getting back from NJ until late Wednesdy night. But early Thursday driving the "Silver Lady" up to MG2006 and should arrive before lunch.
Keep the beer cold.
Mike Cook
Mike Cook

Dang, Mike! Blow off work! British V8 is more important, right?! :-) rick
rick ingram

Call in sick Mike! Who's to know?
Just got back, I'll get right on it tomorrow.
Hey Carl, if a piglet's too little why not just step all the way up to that megavipermonster thingie? Anyway I just got the piglet, one of those deals you just can't pass up. Got to get it right before even thinking about anything else. Then maybe a custom 215 ride would be the ticket, don't you think? (With a blower? Or maybe the Jetfire turbo, I have one of those sitting around catching dust.)

Jim Blackwood

I have gone thru' my encyclopedia of Misunderstood Ailments and have come up with the following reasons on how I can attend the V8 meet.

a)MCS - mad cow sydrome
b)Fowl pest
c)ATMTW - alergic to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
d)SW English New Year Syndrome

Knowing many of you as I do no doubt that you can come up with other more creative ways of getting me to Townshend.


Here's a creative way:

Your Spurious Breathren Demand Your Presence!

H3ll hath no fury as a Spuriite sporned. (Except for that of the fairer sex!)

rick ingram

Well, just got back from Alska. Now will be working on my RD for the trip, well change springs for hwy use and wash it. I will be taking a look at things time permiting.

My wife an I will be departing 11 June, First stop Flagstaff, without wife it would had been Gallup New Mexico. That's ok nice that she is going with me.
Bill Guzman

Hi Guys,
Jim, there is a guy in Florida who has been manufacturing Buick 215 powered motorcycles for a number of years. Maybe you could fit a 215 into a Triumph or Norton frame.That would certainly qualify for the British V8 Meet!
I got within a few minutes of trying the fire up the new engine last night. Then I decided to pressurize the cooling system just to check for any leaks. Pumped the system to 14 lbs. and almost missed the very slow dripping at the back of the engine. One of the "Oh so carefully installed" freeze plugs was weeping. Naturally it had to be one of the two behind the flywheel. I did not swear too much, as all the applicable curses have been used so much the last few days that they have lost thier pressure relief value.
I did manage to pull the trans, bellhousing, clutch and flywheel off the back of the engine in about an hour and a half, so I have access to the leaking plug (which I intend to torture in some manner after it is removed.) I have had the T-5 sitting on my chest so much lately it is going to take two months of bench presses to get my ribcage back to it's original circumference.
Kurt Schley

Persevere Kurt! CRAP Happens! just think of all the aluminum curl reps you can do now with that extra training! have a great day
kelly stevenson

I laughed at this quip: "which I intend to torture in some manner after it is removed." That's EXACTLY what I always do - and I do it in plain view of the rest of the car too. (I recommend the sledge-hammer.) You've got to stamp-out sedition before it gets a foothold.

I have a spare queen size bed in my room at the Tally Ho if anyone wants to stay there and has not registered yet. I will be staying on for MG2006 so the bed is available for the entire week if needed.
Richard Woodley

Glad to hear that you will be staying on for MG2006. Remember our laps around Sebring in my red V8.At 2006 I will be driving my other V8 the "Silver Lady". See you in Gatlinburg.
Mike Cook

Hello Mike, yes I certainly do remember our "hot" laps around Sebring. Looking forward to seeing the "Silver Lady"
Richard Woodley

Kurt, you better not let wind of this get around. Here I'm sitting with a car that hasn't been started in months and this blasphemy gets out and there might be no end of troubles. Lucky for me it's cloistered in the garage, cut off from all electronic communications and the battery disconnected, else I might worry.

But a freeze plug, well that's no big deal is it? Last time I had freeze plug trouble it was one of the rear ones and the job ended up in helicoiled head bolt threads and all kinds of other gymnastics. Don't worry, be happy!

I just got the dash put back together today, now on to the console, then all the outside lights, a few wires under the car, and some sensors. Hope to finish by week's end but have to make a couple of temp sensors so we'll see. I did get the LC-1 wideband O2 sensor and controller which hooks up to the MegaSquirt controller and enables the autotune function. I have to put in A/F ratios in an x-y table but once done it will make the adjustments to hit those targets so tuning may go pretty quick this time. Which is a good thing because there won't be much time for road testing before the meet.

Oh, and about the bike, I may be a little crazy but I don't think I have that kind of time on my hands so that won't happen anytime soon.

Jim Blackwood

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