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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Cutting out-help!!

New problem has appeared on my 73 Factory V8
firstly I noticed fuel leaking from the pump area, I traced this to the pump outlet hose , which I shortened and refitted with new jubilee clips, in moving and refitting the pump to gain access- I am left with one tube (looks like screenwasher tubing)
without anywhere to connect it to.Appears to run into the sill??
Secondly ignition points checked, pitted- so replaced along with new condensor and gapped at 40mm, checked and rechecked
Problem is that now car starts fine, has plenty of grunt etc, but after driving for approx 10mins engine dies, stop car, engine turns on starter ok, but will not fire-wait a few seconds and pull choke right out(bear in mind engine now hot)engine starts up-choke in, drive off for approx 5 mins same again, with period of driveability reducing all the time-All ignition components checked, and all only 2/3 months old anyway.
Fuel supply from pump ok, and checked from outlet of fuel filter-AA Guy checked for spark while engine in dead phase-spark at plugs ok .
any suggestions??
N.T Griffiths

NT, it seems like it was mentioned that the tubing is a vent line for the pump; maybe the newer pumps don't use it?

On the running problem, try draining your fuel tank and inspecting it thru the sender opening for debris, and just for fun, change the fuel filter. Sounds like water or debris in your fuel.

Best, Joe
Joe Ullman


Intermittent problems are a bear.

Hmmmm. Two guesses bad coil or fuel delivery. If you have a spare coil, try swapping it. It may check out fine with a tester, but an auto electronics shop may be able to load test it with specialized equipment to find any intermittent problems. Perhaps someone could speak about the interplay with dwell angle and overheating the coil.

When the car dies, does it just cut out abrubtly - fine one minute, dead the next or does it stumble spit get sluggish backfire (run lean) and croak. If it is the latter, I would suspect the fuel system. Is the pump direct wired off the ignition switch or does it use a relay. Relays go bad. If it is relay triggered, try swapping the fuel pump relay with another. Can you tee in a fuel pressure gauge between the filter and the carb? If so, this would help you to monitor and quickly eliminate the fuel system as the culprit. I don't suppose you could run the pump into a drum for fifteen minutes to see if it doesn't cut out? the pressure guage sounds lke a neater option.

Grabbing at straws.... does your unvented pump require a vented gas cap??

Have you changed anything recently??

Good luck,

Brian Corrigan

Thanks for your advice-
Brian I thought what the hell and replaced the fairly new (3 months, but made by Lucas..) coil- problem solved
cheers for advise
N.T Griffiths

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