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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Dangerous brake line ?!?

Hi All,
I am fitting 1975+ servo brakes to a 74 chrome bumper "non servo" V8 conversion.
I have just purchased some new brake line from a Moss distributor and they all have SAE (double) flares. The old lines I removed are all ISO (bubble)flares.
Is this correct or should I be asking for my money back.
Tony Bates

Tony, I can't remember what fittings were used on the servo brake master cylinder, but regardless double flare lines should not be used on bubble flare components. They will not seal correctly. The same goes for bubble flare lines on double flare components. Additionally, the flare nuts are different, so a double flare nut will not properly support a bubble flare. There have been many threads dealing with this in the various MGB and midget boards in the past couple of years with good information on how to form the bubble flares or an acceptable substitue with common double flare tools. Check the archives.
Bill Young

Guess I'm sending the lines back. The strange thing is that they ar labelled correctly so it looks like Moss have manufactured them incorrectly.
Tony Bates

I have spent the morning communicating with Kelvin at Moss Motors and the service has been absolutely superb.

Apparently the supplied flare is a special one designed by Moprod some time ago that allows connection to to concave and/or convex seats so it effectively "replaces" bubble flares and double flares while being able to seal to either.
Kelvin kindly sent me the actual Moprod technical documents from their archives explaining the way that it all works.

Thanks again to Kelvin (and Blain) at Moss Motors for all their hard work and fabulous support, it is refreshing to experience real customer support in today's world.
Tony Bates
Tony Bates

This is a great example of how something that COULD have turned into a "spullier bashing" eveolved into a "learning experience"

Kudos to all involved!

rick ingram

Previous post SHOULD have read:

This is a great example of how something that COULD have turned into a "supplier bashing" evolved into a "learning experience"

Kudos to all involved!


Ah, if only we could "edit" out posts!

rick ingram

You might be further ahead to get a brake tube flaring kit from Harbor Freight for $9.99 and reflare these lines yourself rather than sending them back to Moss. My kit has come in handy over the years and paid for itself many times over.
Rick, I had a "spullier" once, but the legs fell off.
Graham Creswick

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