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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Dash Gauges

Has anyone found a direct replacement speedometer for the 76-80 MGB's. I would like to install an electric unit that can be calibrated. So once the speedometer gets changed the Tach needs to be changed out with something that matches!
Is there a company that supplies items like this in the states? I think the mounting hole is not a standard size.
Leroy Cook

VDO makes- or used to make- the correct size tach & speedo special order. As there have been some changes in the company, you should contact them directly through their customer service line.

I have used other aftermarket gauges by removing the guts from the Smith's units & installing slightly smaller units inside with spacers.

Green Gauges in England will custom make Smiths gauges for you with a choice of sizes & faces.

For what it is worth, I think the VDO electric speedo is the best of the bunch. Autometer runs a close second. Most of the others have a complicated & sometimes inaccurate method of calibration, requiring you to remove the unit & perform calculations based upon tire size.
Jim Stuart

I have VDO cockpit white gauges in my car and the difference is INCREDIBLE! I love my gauges! They are exceptionally bright at night -- very very easy to read. I completely bypassed the mgb dash-light wiring and added a 30 amp relay and a direct line to the battery via the starter solenoid. I then fed off the signal from the existing headlamp switch. This was a very easy mod, and very worth while. I can't recommend these gauges enough. They really are fantastic, and I recommend them to anyone wanting to upgrade their gauges.

Downside: I'm not sure if VDO still makes a 4" speedo and tach with white faces. The vision series still has the 4" diameter black gauges, but I don't think any of their other series do. Vision's are very good gauges though.

I bought my gauges at They're actually a local company for me and I can attest to their quality of service, and honesty. They treated me great when I walked in the shop.


I bought my VDO Vision gauges from as well and was very happy with them and my gauges!
Evan Amaya

I have a 4" VDO tach Vision and find its quite inaccurate reads high by abut 800 rpm . Anyone else had this problem ?
I called VDO trouble shooting and we tried alot of different adjustments but I still feel its off.
Maybe its just a bad tach .
Gil Price

Thanks fot the information on the gauges. What is the sizes of the hole for the speedometer and the temp?


leroy, i used dolphin gauges on my bgt-v8 and also installed them on my mga v6, and i am planing on install in my b rdstr, they are slightly larger than the stock mgb gauges in the speedo and tach but it took me all of 1/2 hour with a sanding wheel on my drill to slightly enlarge the stock holes and they look great, they come in beige (magnolia) , grey, white and black faces and either silver of gold rims and a complete set of 6 gauges with sending units is less than $300 i believe, jim
jim m

Leroy, I used autometer guages in arctic white from summit racing for my V6 conversion. I was able to round out the old oil pressure rectangle to accept the new round guage. I also replaced the defrost and heat knobs with a clock and voltometer. The manual choke cable now acts as the heat source. Really pleased with the setup, I can email you pics! Bryan
Bryan Heidtman

Never could spell gages.
Bryan Heidtman

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