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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - dash revamp

I am looking to revamp my dash in my 1970 mgbgtThis would have to include new wiring loom .Is there any any problems I am likely to meet
a young

Probably getting a decent crackle finish. A 70 doesn't have a separate dash loom so I presume you will be replacing the main loom, which is a much bigger job than refurbing the dash. As long as you aren't colour blind, can read a circuit diagram (and have the correct one for your car!), and put all the dials and switches back in the proper places the loom is quite straight forward. The biggest job is getting the new one through the firewall, the rest is just a steady plod. Put slit sheathing over the edges of the large holes in the firewall (two) to avoid nicking the wrapping tape and insulation as you pull it in - from the cabin to the engine compartment. Before you start look at all the spurs off the main loom that will have to go through the firewall and tape them to the main loom, either pointing forwards or backwards so as to avoid a big thick wodge at one point.
Paul Hunt

Depends on your taste. I've put a walnut dash & console with a matching steering wheel on my '71 rdstr. I think it looks real sharp & I've received a lot of complimentary remarks about the set up. The wiring behind the dash is still a "rats nest" though.
Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

With respect to those who have cared enough for their cars to fit a walnut veneer (looks posh) Black Carbon Fibre captures the spirit better.


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