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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - does anyone besides D&D have

the solution to the clutch and pressure plate?I want to be able to buy replacement parts local if possible
greg phillips

What application?

rick ingram

Try calling up Woody at the Wedge Shop. Laugh at the name but al he does are TR8's and he builds seriously good Rover motors. A friend of mine had one of his 3.9's in his Morgan and would demolish Vettes and Porsches regularly. 508 880 5448

buick 215 with t-5 trans
greg phillips

Chevy S-10 pickup V8 STOCK, not high performance clutch & pressure plate with McLeod hydraulic throwout bearing, stock MGB clutch master cylinder.the S-10 used the T-5 tranny for many years.

Clutch will be 10 or 10 1/4", 26 spline. You do not neet the larger Camero/Firebird 11" clutch.

You may have to have your flywheel drilled for the pressure plate, but this is about $15.00when you have the assembly balanced. You are going to have everything balanced, aren't you?

You can buy the clutch & pressure plate at NAPA, Chevrolet, Auto Zone, Summit, etc.

I suggest you get the airqip clutch line from D & D, as they have a setup made specifically for your conversion.
Jim Stuart

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