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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Driving the Blown and Injected MGB-V8

I thought I'd offer my impressions as there may be some curiosity about what it's like to drive this car and after a couple months of driving it I think I can do the subject justice. Although the tune is not yet quite spot on, it is close enough for regular use, so to just sort of put it in perspective I'll make this comparison. Remember what it was like when you went from the stock MG engine to the new V8? That feeling of almost too much horsepower, the rush when you stomped on it, and the ease in tooling about town? Well it's like taking that step up all over again. I've had some pretty hot normally aspirated V8's in the car but nothing really compares to this. Yes, it is very fast. Both quick and fast. And the power is always there. I actually started out by accident in 4th gear today. It was on a slight upgrade and I thought I was in 2nd but by the time I realized I wasn't we were already moving so I just put the gas down and cruised on through the intersection. I do believe it would start out in 5th if I asked it to. In fact, I could get along quite well with only 2 gears. That's some flexibility. The boost comes in with 3 psi at idle which adds quite a bit of power. By 1000rpm it's up around 5 or more and hits 12 somewhere around 2500 and stays there. That curve is particularly well suited to everyday driving on premium pump gas and I have yet to hear the slightest indication of ping. The power just comes on smooth and strong and before you have time to think about it you are going way faster than you should be.

So I'm looking forward to the British Car Day at Edgewater dragstrip this month. This time I'll go ahead and pay my $20 and make a few passes. I'm pretty slow off the line with almost no practice, but I should get some idea of what the car is capable of and will report back here when I do.

Oh, and it is a head turner for sure. I had a guy flag me down as I was going around a corner today just so he could ask me about my car. He showed me his kit car, a swoopy low slung thing with a 351 Windsor, very nice. Probably goes like the wind.

Jim Blackwood

I'm real sorry I didn't get a ride in her in Tennessee this year. Hopefully you'll make some room for me next year where ever the meet is held.
Michael S. Domanowski

Any chance of getting a video of you lighting up the tires?
Jim Miller

Jim- Whatdaya guesstimate pony power at? Vic
vem myers

Do you have a blower clutch on there, or it is always engaged?

The blower is always driven but it has a demand valve which bypasses the rotors under vacuum conditions so it takes very little to drive it. I really do not know what the output is but I was aiming for 300hp with a target of 10psi boost. What I got was 12psi so it's hard to tell. I should get it out to Edgewater in a couple weeks and have a better idea then. I'll get someone to shoot some video of that. I wish I'd had my brother along for the run up the Dragon (he's a professional videographer) and we'd have had some fine footage but it didn't happen.

Jim Blackwood

How about visibility with the blower?? And do you really need a wing?
Wild looking car.

Speaking of MG's in videos.

Check out this video. I would recommend downloading and then whatching it. Towards the end is a MG, VERY NICE and FAST!! Video is 4.3mb
Larry Embrey

Oh, I suppose you could say I don't need the blower. Seriously though, I expect I could get by just fine without the wing but it does seem to make it more stable.

Larry, I couldn't get your link to work.

Jim Blackwood


This is a conversation I have often:

"Do you really need......"

My answer is: If man never strove to satisfy more than his needs, we'd all still be living in caves and eating raw meat, because that's all we really need. It was only after man begin to satisfy his wants that real progress was made.

Just wanting something is justification enough to pursue it. Take away everything that isn't needed, and ours would be a bleak existance for sure.

If you want it, go for it! To hell with what any one else thinks.
Dan Masters

OK Try this one, sorry about that. This is a direct link to the video, so it will start downloading and playing at the same time. I recommend right click and save target as to save it to your computer then play it...
Larry Embrey

Well there's your answer Robert ;o)

That link worked fine. Quite good really.

Jim Blackwood

Heh I thought you might appreciate that Jim!! I JUST saw a blakc mgb roadster in my area set-up much like that. It was on a trailer, and I did not get a chance ot chase the guy down to get a batter look :-(

I have plans long term to campaign a MGB Gt Drag car. It will be Ford 351W based, with a C4 trans, probably a 8.8" rear, tubed, fuel cell, full cage etc.. All home done, and afst as all get out. I SHOULD be able to beat his times without much issue.. I already have 11.7sec power in my roadster with the 5.0, traction is the big issue..
Larry Embrey

Who cares about visibility!!! or what color, etc.
How it feels when you mash the gas pedal is what really counts.
I like it!!!!! Perhaps you could bring it to the west coast meet.
Great car Jim.
Bill Guzman

Robert, set a small coffee cup on the hood of your car and tell me if you can see over it. That's about the effect on visibility, essentially none for me, but then I'm 6'2 so that could make a difference I suppose. I'd have answered your question earlier but I forgot.

Bill, I doubt I can talk the wife into it, though personally I'd enjoy coming out. But thanks for asking.

Jim Blackwood

One of my brothers is in town this evening so we went for a ride in the MG since he hadn't ridden in it yet. While blasting about having a great time a couple of interesting things happened. Deputy Dog came up and gave us a light show, then blasted by, cut the lights and cruised on. I'm left wondering if that was for my benefit (yes, most likely?) Shortly thereafter at one high output moment I happened to look at the boost gage and see it pegged on 15psi, something I had not seen before. (My Kingdom for a chart recorder!)

So maybe I should revise that 300hp estimate upwards a bit?

Said brother took a turn at the wheel and he certainly did develop a big grin.

Jim Blackwood


Your car REEKS of "Pull me over"! :)

My '68 Camaro has a permanent "blue stain" in the rear view mirror from my younger days.

heh!! Jim, I am sure there is a way to maybe get twEECer to log the info from the Manifold pressure sensor?? Might be worth looking at. That would be a VERY inportant piece of data to have in relation to the fuel, spark and other curves, who knows, might just jump out at you and help solve that stuimble you mentioned!??

Yeah, I would think your 300+ If you have any flow specs on your heads, I could run a quick desktop Dyno on the set-up and get an idea..
Larry Embrey

Hey,Carl, I thought the "blue stain" in the rear view mirror had moved over to your MGB V8! Specially after
the British V8 meet runs in the mountains! ! !
Regards, Jack
J. Renaud

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