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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - D.U.I. distributors

Has anyone with a Rover V8 conversion tried the new D.U.I. dist.? does it fit under the hood (don't say it)
any thoughts? the web site:

Never heard of them but looks interesting. Might be worth writing to them for some measurements and compare to a Buick or whatever one is using.
Simon Austin

There is a bit on this in the archives. General consensus is that it is a good approach but a PITA to install and remove.

The DUI unit is just a standard HEI Buick distributor with a better-than-stock ignition module and coil. They do recurve their units for optimum power, but you could build the same the at the local parts store or from Ebay for about $125.

Take either of these units and change the drive gear. You'll be set.

Jeff Schlemmer

The problem with usig an HEI distributer on a Buick/Olds/Rover engine is that the base is larger than the old points style dizzy and it will not clear the intake manifold. You can make it work by replacing the front intake bolt with a round head tork bolt and grinding away a good bit of the intake.

The second problem is hood clearance- it won't clear, in most cases.

Years ago I converted a smaller 6 cyl HEI dizzy to 8 cyl using parts from the ol 8 cyl points unit and part from the 8 cyl HEI and mounted the coil outside the cap. A lot of work & not worth the effort. I finally just converted to a Pertronics unit.
Jim Stuart

Mainly for anyone in Australia I would say. I used this company to build up a "Scorcher" HEI Distributor for my 3.5L Rover motor. They require your old dissy to use the drive gear, all the specs on motor, car weights etc. The new dissy is slightly smaller than the original and the good thing is it uses all Bosch parts so if you need parts, your local GM/Holden dealer can supply. From memory 2-3yr ago around $300-$400 Aus Dollar, will look for invoice. Highly recommend them.
steven koster

In my mind, it makes no sense to try to use the HEI setup. pertronix uses the same magnetic style trigger as the HEI. The mechanical advance in a stock type distributor is just as easily tuned. The only benefit to the HEI is that you can install an adjustable vacuum advance and they are cheap.
Jeff Schlemmer

You can get an adjustible vacuum advance for the GM points dizzy by Crane from Summit Racing for $22.00. I put one on the GT and it makes a real differance to have the correct advance curve.
Jim Stuart

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