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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Edel/Webber 4 barrel carb setup

Been running a 3.5 SD1 engine in BGT for some time now but I always feel I really don't know how to set the carb and what fuel pressure it requires. Dizzy is original Lucas Opus, K&N 3" deep filter, once fired up and warm the whole car feels and goes really well. Sometimes starting is not good, I suppose the question could be how good do V8s fire up? Any pointers to setup will much appreciated. Have checked archives and been reading BBS for a couple years now, never seen this question. Thanks in advance.

From memory a Weber is supposed to run about 6psi but it's not necessary. I ran mine on the std SU pump for two years with no prob low or high speed - over 120mph. Starting is an altogether different problem. Are you talking about cold or hot starts? Cold starts you shouldn't have a problem - look at ignition timing and carb tuning if you do. Hot starts are a prob with the Weber. I ended up going for two 12V's in parallel which helped the starter spin the engine faster and therefore made hot starts easier. I think the problem with hot starts is fuel expansion, the engine becomes flooded. Easier to start when you put your foot flat to the floor ignition off, then try to turn the car over - helps lean the car out. Another solution is to buy a carb-manifold spacer, I think you can get one from RPI or Summit racing in the US.
Neil Cotty

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