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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - EFI Fuel system solution

Well I finally have the write-up done. I drove the car again today and it is working GREAT!! I am down past 1/2 tank and not having ANY issues!! Even with my big fat right foot hammering the pedal with this 5.0 she is singing happily! ANYWAY here is the write-up page with lots of pictures.:

Larry Embrey

I have run one complete tankof gas thru the car now and not a sinlge hiccup. Playing it safe, since I don't yet know at what point she will cease to run I filled up with about 1/8 tank remaining..
Larry Embrey

Volvo Marine Engines that used a Ford EFI engine had an interesting solution to the fuel tank issue. The engines built in the mid 90's used the mechanical fuel pump on the engine to supply a mini-tank/float bowl on the engine. The efi pump used this mini-tank as it's source of fuel for the injectors. It worked extremely well. The engines were rated at 350 HP at around 5000 rpm.
James Johanski

James, that is a mechanical version of what I did. With our already small engine bays there may not be enough room to mount a minitank/float bowl. So I used a elecronic HV pump and put the filter.minitank in the back. In a larger vehicle, that is what I would have done is use a mechanical pump with the filter/tank in the engine bay.

The unit I put together is both the minitank AND a filter all in one, which makes it a really neat solution, and it was not that expensvive to put together.
Larry Embrey

Good work, and thanks for the site and the writeup. But, don't you think it would be good to have a filter between the fuel tank and your first pump, the HVLP one? I've always heard that you should, in order to protect the pump from crud in the tank. Best, Joe
Joe Ullman

Yes you are completely correct Joe. I might add one eventually, for now I just want to try and enjoy her after beign off the road for over a year and a half. HEH

I have a new k-member, new rear end and wiring to get done before I go back and revamp anything.
Larry Embrey

I lasted a week without a filter, then had a long walk late at night. Beware the ide's of March etc..

I am running a filter before the motor, just not between the HV pump and tank.
Larry Embrey


The original SD1 had this set-up (tank/pump/filter), and I have had a similar one for 25.000 miles so far, without a problem (and it's much easier to change the filter every year when it's in the engine bay rather than under the car).

Michael barnfather

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