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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - EFI gear available ... is this the stuff that I'd need?

A local Brit car shop has an old Rover 3.9 EFI motor from an '88 Range Rover. It has a bunch of fuel injection stuff on it that looks kind of useful (but unfortunately excludes (i) the ECU and (ii) the fuel rail itself). I say looks useful because I really don't know much about EFI systems but it might be nice to convert my carburetted 4.2 to injection. I saw it sitting on a stand, and made an inquiry; the shop's owner who could not be a nicer guy said they would sell any or all of it for $300. (The motor's block was wrecked when it threw a rod, and amazingly Rover has apparently decided to give the owner a new engine altogether (I am sure any warranty had long since expired)).

Is $300 a good deal, and in any case is the EFI stuff the right gear with which to begin to effect a conversion to fuel injection?

Thanks for any advice.

I paid $1000 for a EFI setup off of a '91 10 sec Mustang.

fuel pump(s)
intake manifold, (competition and ported)
fuel rails
fuel regulator
throttle body

everything to swap EFI except MAF and injectors.
I think I got a decent deal...
James D.

It sounds tempting but the EFI installation is one step more difficult than a simple engine swap. The ECU, fuel pump/rail and harness are all going to cost.

carbs give more power but use more fuel and are cheaper to maintain - potentially more reliable too.

If it is unacceptable to pump out unburnt fuel when you accelerate in your part of the world and you still want to have a go - think about the 14CUX EFI used in the RV8 - you will always be able to get bits for it.

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