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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - EFI Swirl pot

I've just finished making a swirl pot/aux. fuel tank out of a small steel box. After several attempts to get it leakproof & make a suitable mounting for it, a friend showed me a ready made one in his race boat. It looks like a remote oil filter , only larger & with 4 outlets instead of 2. It also incorporates a large screw-on filter.I would guess it's about 1 litre capacity. He tells me any good ship's chandler would stock such an item. I hope this is a help to any future EFI convertors. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Thanks Barrie,
Did this look like it included provisions for the fuel pump too!

Hal,no the top casting bolted to a bulkhead,& the filter screwed into the casting, just like a remote oil filter.2 inlet or outlet ports faced left & the other 2 faced right. Both pumps were mounted onto the same bulkhead just below the swirlpot. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Does it look like this?
Tony Bates

Barrie - the experts will say otherwise but I think that is a good solution. I use the RV8 high pressure filter which holds about a pint - but that suits my sedate driving style ( and i did not have to jigger around with my stainless steel tank).

The thing you are describing sounds very much like the big filters some diesel cars are using. For example Nissan Patrol uses a remote filter base and a very large filter, that will hold over a liter of fuel. Could serve very well as swirl pot. Has several inlets/outlets. Maybe an idea?

Frank de Groot

Sorry for my ignorance guys, but...what's a swirl pot?
Joe Walsh

Tony,yes, very similar. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Joe - an injected system needs constant fuel supply and can't tolerate a gap such as might be caused by fuel in a partly filled tank sloshing to one side on a corner and leaving the outlet in the tank exposed even for a few moments. A swirlpot is typically like a collander with the outlet tube inside it. On a sharp corner the fuel shifts to one side but can't drain out of the swirlpot before the fuel has sloshed back again replenishing the swirlpot.
In the Northen Hemisphere we have to use anti-clockwise swirlpots while in Oz you have to use clockwise ones - or is it the other way round :-)

Oh God,
The stupidity of me, I've actually spent hours in a boat messing around with one of these fuel/water separators and never made the connection.arrg!

Peter, this board exists to help people like yourself with exactly these sorts of details. - Now, don't we all feel warm inside. Let's have a forum hug.

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