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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - electric fuel pump

Hi gents, can anyone reccomend, a electric fuel pump for my 3.9 rover I am dropping in my 74 gt. I am guessing the stock pump will not be big enough.It will have a 500 cfm carb.

Thanks Paul
P Harrington

Paul, I don't think you'd have any problem with the stock pump, most pumps have far more capacity than required. The stock SU pump isn't that different from the old Stewart-Warners we used on a lot of street rods for years with much larger engines and carbs. Unless you're racing and running very large carbs and rpms you should be fine.
If you are concerned about replacement availabilty in the event of a breakdown, the I'd choose a small capacity Holly or Stewart-Warner type pump. You can find these at almost any auto parts or performance store.
Bill Young

I have fitted a Mikumi to my V8 some years ago (2000) after the SU broke down.
It works fine since then and I never had any problem with it, even not driving at 130+ Mls. on the Autobahn.


I'm running the electronic SU pump in my car; 3.5 Rover + 500 cfm Edelbrock. Works great. I'd recommend it.

Simon Austin

Thanks guys, that is what I wanted to hear

P Harrington

I've been running stock 77 MGB pump for 12 years with 3.5 Buick and 500cfm carb with no fuel supply problems.
edd rogers

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