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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Electric preoilers

Following on from my earlier thread ENGINE DRY AT STARTUP I have information on the Accusump, which is obviously a very good product. It is however quite expensive and a little bulky for an MGB. My reply from Summit Racing Products was that there are various electric pre oilers but they didn't stock any.
I now have no further links on these electric preoilers - can anyone help please?
I imagine a small electric pump plumbed into a fitting from the sump and filling the pipes to the remote oil filter would solve the dry startup woes?
Ian G Buckley

Demon Tweeks sell electric pre-oilers. They do the Accusump or one very similar and also electric oil pump.
Marc Gander

Here are some links to pages dealing with pre-lube and electric oil pumps. Let us know what you find
Marc Gander

Thanks, lots of info in that lot! Now I must do my homework on size, price and inconspicuity!
The Jabsco at 111 (no pounds key) sounds like the cheapest.
More later I hope.
Ian G Buckley

Very good piece on Accusump installation and a couple of interesting tips
Marc Gander

I can't say enough about pre-oilers. They work! As chief mechanic for an ambulance fleet for many years, I found I could double the life of an abused engine with the most simple of these set ups. It's worth what ever you invest in it.


Right, that settles it then.

Next problem - $285 in the USA. 437 ($600) in the UK. Anyone on that side of the pond coming over to this side of the pond and who would like to be met at the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks, driven to your London hotel and gotten drunk for free?
Marc Gander

I have had lots of responses after following up on Marc's information and variety of sites to visit.

How about a removable Preluber?

Connect with a quick coupling.
Charge your oil pressure - see it on the gauge.
Start your engine which recharges the preluber.
Disconnect with the engine running if you like or stop the engine.
Leave the Preluber home or carry it on the boot.


Kerry Melvin from Master Lube Industries markets a range of Preoilers and has given me three word documents discribing the products and in particular the Turbo Lube (removable).

I am waiting for a response on price at the moment, but the advertising talks about half the price of other prelubers.
We will see and I will advise further!!
Ian G Buckley

I have to say that I much prefer the sound of a system which you fit and forget. It works when you switch on your engine, re-charges automatically and lives under the bonnet.

I'd still like to hear from someone in the USA who would be prepared to bring one over for me.

There is plenty of space in the wing area just forward of the door post. You would have to remove one of the front wings to install is but the oil line could be routed into the engine bay very neatly. There's a lot of space in there! I have my front wings off now and I am looking at the space on the passenger side for an A/C evaporator.


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