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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Engine conversion information wanted.

Many of you will be aware of the website on MG V8 conversions which Mike Plumstead kindly hosts and I run at

This site started simply as a guide to Rover V8 into MGB conversions and has proven very popular. I have also got one page on a Ford V6 conversion and one on a Buick V6 conversion.

I am being constsntly asked for information on various other conversions and am appealing for help.

Has anyone here done any type of MG engine conversion and do you have photographs of the conversion? I have been promised pictures of a Magnette being converted to modern twin cam power and I have a friend just starting on an MGA V8 conversion which I intend to document.

If anyone is willing to supply photographs and perhaps written articles for the site on any engine conversion in any MG I would very much appreciate it.

I am posting this on B General, midget and V8, hope nobody objects to that but I want to try and catch everybody!



I am not complete, but I and many others have pages running on our conversions..

There are many others..
Larry Embrey

I don't admit this to too many people (here goes), but I put a small block ford in an MGA. It was years ago when the MG was just another used car at the nadir of its value. It worked out OK, went like hell and was fairly un-noticeable from the outside. I eventually traded it for a heavily modified oval window beetle.

Sounds like a screamer. I love the lines of the MGA, but for the $$ they are now and the rarity I could not alter one. well maybe I could!! but would have to be a basket case so I would have no qualms about it, AND be able to afford it hehe
Larry Embrey

I am not interested in switching engines in an MGA however I am considering an MGA with a B engine installed in it. I want a driver so that's fine however what does the installation of a B engine do to the value of an otherwise "stock" MGA. Is the car devalued because of the lack of an A engine? I understand none of the required modifications are irreversible.
Bob Chamberland

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