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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - engine mounts, and exhausts

I've been through the archives, and made a note of the pitfalls to avoid when changing engine mounts!

Couple of questions, though: can I change these while supporting the engine on a trolley jack (i.e. can I get away without hiring an engine hoist)?

Is it necessary to remove the exhaust before attempting this?

Oh, and one more thing: do people use exhaust assembly paste on their stainless exhaust systems? I'm guessing you have to, but I thought I'd check first...
Darren Ainsworth

Its going to depend on what engine brackets you've got. and the set up. If your's is a std MGBGT V8 then someone else can tell you I'm sure, I don't know.
I made my brackets myself and with mine I can unbolt the rubber mounts from the engine brackets (captive nuts), raise the engine a little (a little is all you've got) and then undo the rubber mounts from the car (do use some sort of safety/wood block incase the jack collapes and you lose a finger or two!). It could be that in your case you may not have enough clearance in the transmission tunnel to raise the engine far enough. Not much of an answer I 'm afraid, essentially try it and see.
In my case I have always removed the exhaust manifolds as they a RV8 style., yes I used lots of paste.

I think my car has rubber bumper mounts
Once it took a garage 4 hours to refit the bolts (mg specialist...)
However when I took the engine out I dropped the front suspension off first - no way you can get a spanner into the nut holding the mount to the car otherwise. Was fairly quick - but I'm open to suggestions !
Derek Watson

Could try unbolting the brackets from the engine, on the std factory set up there's a bolt on the bottom and one on the top.

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