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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Engine oil changing

I'll be changing the oil in my V8 conversion this weekend. The car has a remote oil filter in the normal place.

The V8 workshop manual supplement describes a convoluted oil refil method which involves funnelling oil into one of the pipes leading from the oil filter.

Is this really necessary, or can I just refill the engine, stick a new filter on and go?


Adrian West

The only time I've seen that recommended is after a rebuild if you haven't packed the pump with Vaseline.

For an oil change you do have to remove the flexible pipe from behind the filter (and slacken the three bolts securing the filter mounting), but that is just to give you space to get the filters out and in, you just refit the hose afterwards.
Paul Hunt


I just unscrew filter and fill with oil.


Thanks Paul & Paul!

I rechecked the manual and they only recommend funnelling oil in if you don't see oil pressure when you turn the engine over.

Think I will fill the new filter with oil though...
Adrian West

I don't think 'Surey' Paul meant that, just change the filter and refill the *engine* with oil in the normal way.
Paul Hunt

I fill both engine and oil filter.


Adrian - every 3000 miles if you want a long life engine - so you had better get it down to a fine art

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