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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Exhaust Fumes - V8 with Holley390

I was wandering if anyone may know now to eradicate a really strong smell of exhaust fumes
out of my MGB V8. Its a 69 roadster with 81 SD1 V8 with Offy manifold and Holly 390. I have a really bad smell of exhaust when I throttle down and also in the engine compartment. Is it possible that the engine ventilation is all out of whack? I had it Dyno tuned etc. and still nothing.

On the other note: noisy valves. What can be done? The engine is only 1 year old. Thanks!
Bartosh Michalik

Sounds very much like the engine crancase breather is dumping fumes into the engine bay. Check there is not excessive pressure build up from either a blockage or ring blowpast.

Roger Parker

This is a definite lead that I will try to follow. I need more info though. I will send you a note directly and thanks for replying: my problem doesn't seem to be a very popular discussion subject :)
Roger Parker

I agree with Roger. I have a roadster with a 390 double pumper and it doesnt do that.
Some questions.
Where does your exhaust exit? If the tailpipe is not terminated far out from the back of the car you may have trouble.
There is a breather at the back of the block which should either be connected into the air filter or feed right down into the slipstream beneath the car.
Are you sure what you describe as noisy valves are not a blowing exhaust manifold?????
bob p

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