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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - F/I Assistance Needed

As I put on the final push to get my 3.9 fuel injected car on the road in time to the Michigan event in August, I had a couple of questions.

1) What fuel pump would you recommend? RV8 literature mentions a Bosch pump (part number 54740484, also under the Lucas number 73202A). It appears this model is not available and I have not been able to crossreference a suitable replacement that will deliver similar PSI and GPH figures.

I prefer to stick with a Bosch unit (or identical diameter unit) as I already have a bracket meant for the this unit.

2) Any suggestions on ways to remove (or neutralize) light surface rust on the inside of the fuel rail? I replated the rail, and in the process, rust formed on the interior. I am concerned that this rust could foul the injectors.

Any help on these items is appreciated.

Scott Miller

1) I think the Bosch part number for the pump is 00 580 464 070. It is still widely available in UK. In the UK they were used on MG Maestro, Rover SD1 and MG RV8 and probably others.

2)I would replace the fuel rail to be safe - i think that it is not too expensive to buy a new on from a Land Rover dealer

Geoff Richmond

I used the fuel pump from a 240 turbo Volvo, also a Bosch unit, along with the matching filter. On a Volvo, these parts are mounted together on a sheet metal bracket that is easily removed. It mounts to a sub bracket with rubber isolators which eliminate the fuel pump noise. I modified the assembly to make it a bit smaller & mounted it to the battery box frame. $50.00 for the whole enchalada used, plus the cost of a new filter.
Jim Stuart

Recommend you get the pump put into the tank. In the long run cheaper and way better

Summit racing sells a pump made by Vortec that should work. It is an inline unit. Any strong acid should clean the inside of that fuel rail. I use 15% (HF) Hydro flouric acid. Works like a charm.
Evan Amaya

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