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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Factory V8 Top speed/BHP

Has anyone got a top speed reading for 3.5 stsandardish spec , I have seen 135mph on the speedo level surface(on a race track of course!)also anyone got any rolling road figures, (same spec), I'm tempted to see how my car performs as it has full tubular exhaust/manifolds and K&N filters with richer needles
and of course no wild exaggerations please!!
Nigel Griffiths

According to the Chris Harvey book 'The MGA,B & C, the official figures were 137bhp @ 5000rpm, with 193lb/ft torque @ 2900rpm.. Top spped according to 'Motor Sport' was 126 - 130mph flat out, with a 0-60 time of 8.6 seconds. Hope this is of use!
Dave Pollard


I tried to e-mail you 2 pages of factory data, ie. top speed, 1/4 mile speedbraking response and on and on. Your e-mail was full.


Which track and where on the track ?

I've got lots of datalogger info for a lightly modified V8 at a number of UK tracks and would be interested to know what your speeds and lap times are.

Dave Brooke

Sorry guys

I was being guarded in my comments- I have read lots of data on V8 performance, I was trying to establish v8 drivers personal experiences of the performance available-again top speed and any rolling road figures.
nigel griffiths

When my factory V8 was newish, and before engine mods. I saw just over 120 mph on an accurately calibrated speedometer.

Many years later with over 70 more bhp I still wouldn’t drive at much more than an indicated 130 mph, as it feels distinctly light at this sort of speed!

In both cases I have ignored tyre growth; and of course wouldn’t drive on the roads at these speeds.

Safety Fast

R V8
MGA 1600 Roadster

Nigel Steward

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