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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fair Price for 3.07 Gear Set

Does anybody have an idea of a fair price for a used (good condition) 3.07 ring gear/pinion set?


A new one sold on ebay on Aug 14th for 260 pounds sterling if that helps
Martyn Harvey


I have a new set purchased some time ago but never used. I'll sell it reasonable. Email me if interested. Put MGB in the header.

Edd Weninger
Edd Weninger

I reckon 250GBP is about the going rate - I believe they need to be nitrided to have the durability of the OE ( a good secondhand OE set might be better ?)- yes hens' teeth I know.

Scott: Just shorten a ford 8.8 and choose all the gear ratios you want. Limited Slip too. No one is going to look beneath your car and scoff because the rear axle is different. The power windows, the stinger power distribution block and the LT77 trans assure that you're not going for a concours build. :)

(Nice to finally meet you too!)

I just spent $25.00 on a 8" Ford rearend,and $1375 making it new everthing.I had the rear and axles shortened axles resplined drilled for four lug new bearing,seals,brakes,springs,wheel cylinders,used 3.00 gears with Ford traction lock new clutches.The garage let me do most of the grunt work like remove the rear cut off the spring perches and I tack welded them on and took it to a place to get welded for $20.00.I used the MGB brake line to the master cylinder.Used MGB brake lines flared at both ends cut off one end and flared and fitted Ford ends to hook up to wheel cylinder.The rear sway bar had to be spaced up one inch to clear the hump in the rear.To set the pinion angle I set the MG rear on equal blocks and with an angle finder it was six to seven degrees pointing up and since I ran this car for 4000 miles like this I felt it would be ok to match and looking at the trans pointing down I felt I did ok soon to find out. The garage guy charged me $300.00 for his part. You really need new U bolts to hold the spring perches and my driveshaft ended up being about one inch short but ther were about four inches of spline so it also should be ok. Used new Maverick u joints to mate it to the rear. Sorry for such a long message but it is still fresh in my mind. You can still by all new parts for everthing like I did but try to buy a non tapered axle with thje right gears and a posi and you will save two thirds of the moey or more because I have never ever replaced a rear in any car I have owned.The car runs 70 mph at 2400 rpm and just shift into fourth to get it back like my old 3.9 it is really sweet and funner to drive but like I said put it into fourth if you want that aggressive muscle feel. I have a 3.9 Rover 180 HP .82 fifth gear. The best thing is if you don't like the gearing just change it. Denny oyea no e-brake yet.

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