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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fan switch in thermostat, is there a 85-90 deg ver

I was test driving my MGB V8 conversion yesterday (like WOW! zoom zoom!) and I've run into a slight problem. The electrical switch in the thermostat did not switch on the Fan a couple of times, and eventually I had to over ride it. This switch is usually used for the the airconditioner electric fans in range rovers, I am using it to control the main radiator cooling Fan. Since I have to replace it I would prefer one which switches on around 85 to 90 degrees C rather than the current version which switchs on around 94 degrees (in theory!).
Does anyone know if there is a cooler verion around that will fit?, off what model etc..?

I used a Derale multi-fan kit that included: ADJUSTABLE (90F. to 210F.) thermostat, heavy-duty relay, temp. sending unit, fuse and wiring harness for $42 US. Also the Hayden made- adjustable kit for $28 (fin-probe) or $47 (threaded brass sender) and PAW's generic brand for around $30. PAW is in California (3 miles from my house) but is online at I am sure other mail order houses like Summit or JC Whitney have similar offerings. Staying cool in Malibu! Marc
Marc Judson

Peter, I used a thermal switch which was the same style as that originally installed in the engine. Some are in the intake manifold and some others mount these in the cylinder head. I took my old switch down to the local auto parts store and looked through their parts book for this type of switch. I found listings for at least three temperature ratings in the same housing. I chose one with a rating of 190 degrees F which controls the fan through a relay. Works great and switches the fan when the engine temperature is getting high, not when the radiator temp is already there.
Bill Young

Many thanks Marc and Bill

You may like to consider the "Thermo Fan Switch" offered by the MGOC; described as:-

"This adjustable cooling fan thermo switch provides an accurate and neat method of setting the temperature point at which the electric cooling fan cuts in. Suitable for use on cars with either standard equipment fans or aftermarket fan kits fitted. (ie Kenlowe). Available in two sizes, 28mm for most midgets and MGBs, and 38mm for MGC and V8. Chrome bumpered MGB needs additional fitting kit..."
Price: 39.95 Including VAT at 17.5%

On my GT V8 I use the full Kenlowe kit - fan, thermo switch etc..

Whatever you do use a relay on the wiring!

Safety Fast

Nigel Steward

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