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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Filter King Fuel pressure

I have recently fitted a Filter King from Moss to my V8 with a Facet fuel pump and standrad SU carbs. i seem to be getting too much pressure at the carb resulting in spraying of petrol when idling. I see from the king instructions that the thing is set to deliver the correct pressure to your carbs, trouble is how does the little blighter know what car its in ! I know i need 2psi fuel pressure at my SU's ( according to wisened folks on this BBS)how do i get this from the King filter though ? i have no access to a fuel pressure gauge , expensive items no ?
help folks
Brian Marshall

Brian, I'd just throw a real basic pressure regulator on there; don't know how much they are over there but they are around $12 in the US.

It depends on which Filter King model you fitted as regard to how to alter the setting.I bought mine from Demon Tweaks model no.FPROO7/G,this one has a gauge attached so that when you adjust the top screw the fuel pressure is indicated on the gauge when the ignition is on.I have mine set at three and a half PSI.As to the fuel spray you are getting thats probably to high a setting and or worn float needle valves.
I also have a Facet red top pump.

If you rob a boost gauge and a fuel trap off a turbo car in a scrappy you should be able to rig something up for a few quid just to sort your problem.....
David Smith

This thread was discussed on 24/03/2001

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