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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Finally finished V8 conversion


After years of work my mgb conversion is finally finnished. It was great fun building it and even more fun riding it now. Its got a sD1 engine with 5 speed gearbox, V8 rear axle and V8 brakes. Its basrd on a 1977 rubber bumper which i converted to chroom. It had a bare metal respray and renewed the sills and got chassis strengened and it was seam welded.

Peter from Holland

You have done a fine job, please post some more pictures. Denny

Looks great! Congrats.

Finished? If you say so. I'm betting you will be tweaking things from now on. :)
Carl Floyd

I've often thought of putting in a wood dash, looks good. What it the wood?
Peter Sherman

Congratulations! But it's not really finished until you submit photos and a "How It Was Done" article to The British V8 Newsletter. Consider yourself invited!

We can display as many photos as you'd like to share... the more the better! Here's info about where to send them:

Here's a template for the write-up:

Here are a couple examples to show how other people have approached their "How It Was Done" write-ups:


Getting the conversion done, is like courting that beutiful woman, you finally go it!!! enjoy.
Bill Guzman


Denny, here some more pics in different stages
The first one shows the additional chassis legs and the new sills welded in and some seamwelding.
The second one show the body treated with paint stripper before shotblasting
The third picture shows the car being build up.

Carl, it got a mild camshaft and ported and polished heads and manifold and i already got my first ticket for speeding. In the future i may fit FI as i have a Range rover fuel injection but i will loose the polished inlet manifold.

Peter, the dashboard and centre console are made of 3 layers of woods what is used for modelmaking and then all is covered with a layer of walnut veneer and then sprayed with blanc laquer. The steering wheel is build up from approx 40 layers of veneer...

Thanks for the invitation which i do accept and will do the article "how its done"

I will do both.. and its hard to say which is more enjoyable...



Looks great Peter. Just how they should have been made to start with.

Kelly Combes

Peter, congratulations on a great project and thank you for sharing with us all.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas

I am so impressed I am jealous!

Well done and I hope you added radiator hose clamps!
Ian Buckley


Fantastic job and a beautiful engine bay, I must get round to re-wrapping my wiring. Don't forget to drive it, when you have got it to that stage it's tempting to just look at it, something women don't seem to understand!


Kevin Jackson

Peter, congratulations, you have done a great job. It's a real inspiration to those of us who are still working on our projects. Unfortunately, mine is on hold for a couple of years while I live in the UK.

I notice from the pics that it looks like you have used the GT V8 Dunlop wheels, is that right? If you did, did you get them restored? If so can I ask the details? I need to get some restored as well, the rusty chrome syndrome.

Cheers, David


Kelly, Peter and Ian: thanks for the kind remarks (and the clamps are fitted).

Kevin, :your car is also very nice, i think its described in a V8 Newsletter because i came across it earlier.
For the wrapping of the wiring, i didn't use adhesive tape. I modified a new standard wiring loom. I also added extra relais and fuses as advised by Paul Hunt mentioned on his excellent website.
I was able to buy exactly the same tape as used on the wiring loom so i unwrapped half of the wiring loom, modified it and added wires for the extra relais, and then wrapped it again. I got the tape from the UK but can't remember the compagny name. I can find out if you want. Please let me know.

David : You are right. It are Dunlop V8 wheels. I didn't restore the chrome. The chrome is good on 3 wheels and on the fourth and the spare wheel the chrome rim has on 1 or 2 places some "bubling".
When i bought the wheels, the chromed outer rims and the black part of the aluminium centre part were as is. Only the polished surfaces needed work and it took me some 4 hours per wheel to get these shiny again.
I followed previous discussions on this forum that there few company's who can refurbish these wheels good due to the rivet construction. And these company's are in the UK
I also own a Rover P5B and these cars have chromed Rostyles which have simular problems. On the Rover forum there was someone from Holland who travelled specially to the UK to get refurbished rostyles from Richard Spratley. He was satisfied with the result but its not cheap.



yes jealous,
I opted for standard, no frills, looks good, but I DO like all that polished aluminum. art and technology co-en side, that car will always be valued, for generations to come. A synchrophatation of mechanical purposeful metal!
(A Durif this time!)

Hi Peter,

I have had quotes from Richard Spratley and suprisingly enough, over the last 12 months, the price has come down! He now wants GBP200 per wheel +VAT, still a pretty hefty price when you compare it to the new wheels that you can buy. I have 5 wheels back in Australia and they really can do with restoration, there is a company in Melbourne who will do them. The wheels on my GTV8 have 3 good, 2 poor. I may save up and go and see Mr Spratley - Christmas is coming!!



p.s. If you are ever around my way, I would be interested to meet up and check out the car.

Hello David,

So you already knew Richard Spratley. Yes it sure is a lot of money.
I haven't got plans to come to the UK yet but maybe next year. If you visit Holland some time, you are welcome.

I get all fidgety seeing a shiny V-8 all-in, under the stock hood with no scoops or bulges. To me it says class up the wazoo. V
vem myers

The the subtle understatement is the hidden charm. The sleeper is cool.
Speaking as an unbiased 'subtle under-stater' myself, that is.
The RV8 people should have at least gone for a teardrop.
Too much of the rangerover influence there.
That bonnet bulge is way too square.
Peter S

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