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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Finally sorted GT V8

Hi all
I would just like to say thanks to those of you who have helped with advice on the many problems that I have encountered.
I managed to take the car to Castle Coombe race circuit for the Cars & Car conversions Mag Action day.
The car was superb not only did I manage to keep up with the modern hot hatches but I left quite a few standing. The cars cornering ability surprised me a lot and after a few laps I gained confidence and was really pushing the car to its limit. Great Fun. Funnily enough the thing that impressed me the most about the car were the brakes ( willwood superlites and vented drilled discs)their performance improved greatly when up to temp.


Mark Rawlins


Sounds like you had fun.

Are you using Wilwood pads which squeal, fine for the track, or have you changed pads?

Also did you fit a brake balance valve or was rear lock up not a problem?


I bought mine from Hi spec Engineering as a Kit.
Came with EBC green stuff pads, no squeals yet.
My whole braking system is new inc the servo.
I must admit to begin with I was dissapointed with their performance which I think was because they took a long time to bed in properly.
I was really shifting round the track at Castle Coombe on Saturday and the brakes felt so good, carving off the speed from over 100mph down to about 50mph and only once did I lock a front wheel.
The back didnt lock up at all. The brakes made the car feel safe and I am sure if I applied slightly more pressure to the pedal I could lock up on all four corners.
No need for a balance bar. I just need more power!


Mark Rawlins


Greenstuff seam to be the pads to use, would be interesting to compare the red on a track day.

Did you fit a spring to the Wilwoods to prevent chatter?

Also are you using standard B drums or the smaller cylinder?

Cheers Paul

No I haven't fitted springs and so far have had no problems with chatter. ( didnt even know springs were available).
The only sound I can hear when going slow with the window down is a single tick noise as the brakes are applied as the pads move against the calipers.
The rear brakes are all bog standard.
It would be interesting to try smaller cylinders on the back, maybe a balance valve would be needed then.
I suppose its possible that the rears arent achieving their full potential.
Another CCC action day is coming up in June.
Im thinking about fitting Hopkinsons anti roll bars
by then. At present only front 3/4inch bar fitted.
Im hoping it will improve the cornering even more.


Mark Rawlins

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