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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Finding a way through the minefield

I read with great interest the ideas, upgrades and pit-falls of BGTV8 ownership.
I'm in the market to buy one this year and need some advice on the dos and don'ts of the purchase process.
I'd be grateful of other people's experiences and general advice on purchasing a chrome bumper model.
(If anybody has one they are going to sell then best they let me know too).
Peter Gibbs

Go to and order a copy of Lindsay Porter's "mgb restoration Manual". This is the book that was originally published under the title "MGB Purchase and Restoration Guide". The entire 2nd chapter is dedicated to what to look for in buying an MGB, with a special section on the V8 model. The rest of the book is crammed full of helpful stuff. Most MGB owners end up with this book in their library eventually, so you may as well buy it before you go out and start looking for a car.
Steve S.


Are you looking for an original car, a Costello conversion or a conversion, if the latter then the Roger Williams book How to give your MGB V8 Power is also worth reading and covers many of the upgrade available.

Chrome restoration is expensive 250 for my rear bumper. I Hammerite and waxoil the rear of the bumper for added protection.


I have a CB conversion, but it's a dead ringer for a factory V8 albeit with a larger motor, a Rover 5-speed box, a 4-bbl carb, a quaife in the rear, a deeper rad and a big cam. In contrast to the regular B 4-bangers I've previously owned, the V8 is dead reliable and does not seem finicky in the least. I've taken it on very long trips many times, without the slightest hiccups. Unlike the 1800, with the V8 even if the jetting or the timing is a bit out of whack, the thing runs just fine. No idea what kind of power it's making, except that it seems like a lot. With those factory V8s the only thing I wonder about is the gearbox. The dual SUs seem like a really, really, really nice installation. I think the 3.5 is the perfect unit since I'm sure it runs quite a bit cooler than the bigger displacement motors. The only thing I don't like is, the car is quite loud ... my wife says it's like riding on an engine with wheels. It's fun on short trips but quickly becomes tiresome.

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