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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ford rear disc brakes on narrowed Ford rear axle

Hi everybody,
I am about to search the archives for info about fitting disc brakes to the Ford rear axle on my BV8.
Comments from anybody who has achieved this are most welcome. I don't want to get really exotic but would like to use Ford or easily accessible (inexpensive) import stuff.


If you can find a Ford Turbo-Coupe or SVO '85 model or so it should have a disc brake rear-end. These cars had 2.3l turbocharged engines with either a manual or automatic behind it. If not the Ford Explorer uses a Ford 8.8" with disc brakes, very heavy duty and probly heavy. The same goes for the Lincoln rear-end out of a Continental or maybe a town-car, etc.

James D.

Contact Currie Enterprises at
They supplied me with a disk brake setup from a Ford Explorer. Mine is not yet installed but should be by the end of May. I also went with the Ford/Currie 9 inch w/posi, 31 spline axels & 3.00 gears.
I then purchased a new power booster and 4 disk master cylinder from Master Power Brakes, contact them at:
Good luck
Michael S. Domanowski

Take a look at the calipers on an older Mitsubishi Eclipse. Good piston size, a well designed cable e-brake, and a good mechanism for retracting the piston for pad changes. (much better than Lincoln) The axle bracket should be adaptable and the MG discs could possibly work. Turns out the Eclipse 5 bolt lug pattern is the same as the small Ford, which is what I have on my car, so I am planning to use the Eclipse rotors, but with so many rotors out there finding one that will work should not be a problem.
Jim Blackwood

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