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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ford rear end/brakes

I have installed a Ford 8" rear with stock Ford drum brakes. The MG lines won't fit the Ford wheel cylinders. Does anyone have a specific answer to spare me the usual wild goose chase around town trying to match hardware.



I reflared the hard line and used Ford hardware amd a Maverick flex line. The Maverick and Comet six cylinder 8 inch rears have the MGA/MGB four on four and a half PCD.
George B.

Thanks George. Is the tubing the same size from the MG to the Ford? I just cut off the end, add the Ford size flare nut and re-flare?


It's been a while, but I don't recall any problems in that area.
George B.

I built a rear end for my car with an 8" Ford several years ago, albeit with a slightly different approach.Not certain of the size,but if memory serves the MG tube has an OD of 2.5" and the Ford ID is 2.5". At any rate the MG tube slides right inside the Ford.

As Dale says, with a bit of a clean up, the MG axle tube slides right in the Ford.

I just bought a set of brake lines from the local NAPA
outlet to fit my 8" Ford rear/brakes. They are 3/16", same size as the MGB lines.

I will cut & bend to fit, use the double flare end & nut already on the line to hook up to the Ford brakes, put the old nut from the MGB line on the new line, & bubble flare to mate with the original MGB "T" fitting.

The remaining lines & flex hose will be the original MGB.

If you are "flare challenged", the old & new lines can be cut & joined with a 3/16" compression union. While this is theoretically not as strong as a single line, I have had a joint like this on my GT at the master cylinder for almost 8 years & 250,000 miles with no leak.

When cutting brake lines, use a tubing cutter to get a clean, square cut, & don't forget to ream out the cut ends to the original I.D., then blow them out to remove any filings.
Jim Stuart

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