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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ford T5 HTOB Alternatives?

I'm looking for some advice on how to operate the clutch on my Ford version of the Borg Warner World Class T5. It currently has the original clutch arm which was pulled forward via a clutch cable. I remember hearing at one point someone was successful in mating the original MGB slave cylinder to the T5's bellhousing, but can't seem to find any information on that. Cost is the major factor in not wanting to go the HTOB route, although I am still strongly considering it. If you do us the HTOB, will the original clutch master be up to the task, or what have you found that works the best? I am not afraid of fabrication or body modification to make something work. Just fishing for ideas here.

Thanks for your inputs.

Scott Wooley

Im using a T5 in my 5.0L Ford conversion B.
Im using a CNC slave cylinder with a Wilwood master cylinder and it works fine for the last 4 seasons with about 35K miles on it.If you go to the British V8 site and look for Graham Cheswick's car you will find he is using the stock B master with an early 80s Nissan slave cylinder an even simpler set up than mine and works nicely as well. I did have the part number , but Im in the Philippines for the winter and dont have it handy. Im sure Graham will give you the info if you email him.
Hope this helps some--Gil
Gil Price

Hi Scott

I am using a Chevy T5 transmission along with a McLeod HTOB behind my Rover 3.5 V8.
I rebuilt the MGB slave cylinder and so far 5 years later all is well.

Bruce Mills

Scott, I used a T5 in my V6 midget and adapted a 1500 Midget slave cylinder to the bellhousing of the Chevy V6. It might work for you in a similar manner. I made up a steel plate into which I welded two studs to mount the slave cylinder bracket. This replaced the sheet metal dust shield at the bottom of the bellhousing. I shortened the release arm for clearance, but you might not have to do this in your car. Photo of plate and bracket without the slave cylinder attached.

Bill Young

Hi Scott, I used a Wilwood retracting slave cylinder mounted forward of the transmission on my Ford T5 with a 302. You can use the flange which originally supported the end of the outer cable to attach the slave cylinder casing. Works well but better with the "long" bellhousing fitted to the 1995 Mustangs. For a M/C, I used a 7/8" Girling which bolts into the standard pedal box - some mods required depending on which pedal box you start with. This gives adequate stroke for disengaging the clutch without too heavy a pedal. You can see it on British V8 MGC GT. Cheers, Bob.
Bob Elwin

Having travelled down the troubled path of using an HTOB with my Olds 215 conversion, I can say that a slave cylinder is less expensive, is far less potential trouble, and is far more accessible should a problem be encountered.
As Gil indicated in his post above, with the Ford 302 conversion, I have a 3/4" bore slave from an 80's Nissan truck (Carquest #EW100138) but there may other suitable slave cylinders. A mounting bracket was designed to attach to the T5 case and an adjustable pushrod fashioned from a 5/16" grade 8 bolt. The master cylinder is stock MG.
Using a standard ('89)Mustang clutch, I am happy with both the travel and effort required to operate.
Had the top down on the MG today but methinks Winter is about to arrive and the car will be up on its blocks soon - I can email a pic of the installation if that would help.
Graham Creswick

Thank you all for your replies. Graham, I was only looking for ideas, but part numbers are even better! I would be very interested in a photo, if you don't mind someone copying you that is. Your car is awesome, BTW. I have been following these posts for years and plug away at my MG V8 project whenever I can. I hope some day to get the chance to meet some of you all and thank you for the advice and inspiration you've given me.



Scott Wooley

Come to the British V8 meet, Scott!
rick ingram

Assuming that you have room in the engine compartment, here is a very simple set up using a TR6 slave

Bill Spohn


We found a way of making our HTOB setup work with the Ford T5 but it requires an additional component, the S10 retainer, so if you need an HTOB due to clearance issues, it can be done.

BMC Brian McCullough

Here's another approach:

Some of the other pull-type slave cylinders mount with a single spherical bearing at the rear end, instead of bosses off the side of the housing. Seems that would be the simplest of all!


Scott wrote: "I hope some day to get the chance to meet some of you..."

Scott, where do you live in Colorado? We got about 3" of snow in Longmont this morning. If we hadn't, I'd be driving my GT V8 to Evergreen for the holiday. There are several of us out here. (Al Wulf in Wheatridge, Gregg Haskell in Montrose...)

These are all very good ideas, thank you. Curtis, I live in Frederick and so I'm only a stones throw away from Longmont. I've seen your car in person several times at the Conclave, and I've even spoken to you briefly once. (You seem to be a popular guy at these events, so it's hard to get a word in edge wise)
I definitely plan on attending a V8 meet, but not without my car! I have a lot of work to do yet, despite the giant hurdles I have overcome so far with this project. Time and money are my biggest obstacles. I have two young children that tend to consume both of these, along with a wife and endless construction projects around the house! Nontheless, I try and pick one small thing to focus on for this conversion and get it done. Many, many small victories that only I will ever truely appreciate have already been done. This is a car that should have gone to the crusher, but will soon be pounding the streets under Ford power, strong and renewed. My goal is to have it road worthy by summer 2009, and will probably make continual improvements to it until I die or we run out of fossil fuel.

Thanks again for the advice here, and hope to see you all some day soon at a V8 meet.

Scott Wooley


I've hosted two V8 meets and attended numerous others....ALL without my car....You need to come...SOON!

rick ingram

hey Scott, i would not have a car if i waited to drive mine to meet. i attended the V8 meet in Townsend Tn. in 03 to get info. i left with a Weber HTOB from Dan Lagroue. My first parts acquisition. then i bought a parts car (93 mustang) and other parts. got the thing together in time to go to Terre Haute meet in 05. you would be amazed at the different ways the same problems are solved. hope to see you personally

kelly stevenson

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