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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ford V8 Carb. Questions

I've thought this over for a bit and can't decide to go with the fuel saving injector system, or use an older brute force, all american carb. to give an MGB the spirit it rightfully deserves. I have no doubts that many Ford V8 owners eventually want some form of four barrel intake system rather then get stuck with a computer driven system. Any comments from people that have debated between either of the two? Im sure here in California the ridiculous smog laws will restict me from smog if I attempted to use the carbs, but I could get away with it if I have the right strings to pull.
The year when the carb for Ford went to fuel injection would help greatly when Im around looking for a bashed up 5.0 to strip. Thanks for the help people.

I'm in the same boat as you at the moment I'm just about to get my engine and have to decide on a induction set up. I am personnelly leaning towards a fuel injection set up due to the efficency and the fact my engine comes with a injection set up already. I just have to decide if I want it or not. The advantages for me is the fact that they are alot cheaper to run and cleaner making them easier to register in the future. Disadvantages for the injection set up is the cost for the inital out lay and Trouble Shooting a faultly system, although this is not impossible given a small amount of knowledge. My vote is for the injection if you have the cash and the time to mess about adapting it to your engine, then again I'm an Aussie and don't have the compulsion for the sound Henry breathing through a 4 four barrel Webber.

Clem Spriggs

check for an 85 gt mustang, or use a holley projection set up in a early model, you can find alot about this in varoious mags, Mustang Ill., i believe just put a fuel inject. on a 65 or 66 289 hi-po with an efi unit from a 90's type mustang, they bought the whole lot at a swap or junk yard, did it for a couple of hundred. they also bolted the mess up with the motor in the car. also try street rod magazines. mike c
mike childress

I kept the factory fuel injection and computer along with all smog equipment on my car. The hook up took a bit of time to get wired correctly but I think it was worth it. It starts easily and performs great wheither hot or cold. To use either a factory or aftermarket fuel injection system you will need some type of computer, an engine wiring harness, sensors, and a high pressure fuel pump. The factory system from a manual trans Mustang would probably work great for you, and you shouldn't have any trouble with the smog testing.
Bill Young

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