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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Front springs

Alright gentlemen, im in need of a little help. I have a 1973 mgb roadster with a chevy 305 v8 producing 317 horsepower. Its a definite rocket, that makes my fathers audi a4 seem like a snail. The problem is, i need a set of front springs that will support the added weight. if anyone has done this conversion, or knows what the best solution would be, whether to put in coil-overs, or heavier shocks, id be very greatful to know. It has cast iron heads, with an aluminum intake, if that makes any difference, and a mammoth rad that likely adds a few more pounds. Thanks for any help you can give me. Alan.
Alan Raddatz

Rubber-bumper front springs are harder but give almost the same ride-height on a CB as the proper springs. Shocks do nothing to support the weight of the car, they just damp suspension movement.
Paul Hunt

One person around here who had a B with a sb Chevy used a Camaro front suspension. He had a professional shop build the car for him. Since this probably isn't what you want to do, the best I can suggest is to go to an auto spring shop and try to find a really stiff spring that'll fit, although I have doubts about the strengh of the B suspension holding up to supporting the 600 plus lbs of this engine over the long haul.

Good luck,
Joe Ullman

Maybe go with MGC suspension if it clears the engine?
George B.

That's a big modification.
Paul Hunt

What is a big modification? Adding MGC springs? or would they fit right in where the b springs are
Alan Raddatz

Alan Raddatz, wrote:-

“What is a big modification? Adding MGC springs? or would they fit right in where the b springs are”

Yes lots of work, and IMHO not the right answer - the front end of the C is entirely different to that of the B - “the springs” are in fact torsion bars.

Safety Fast

Nigel Steward

As Nigel comments, the C front suspension is entirely different to the B's - because the C uses torsion bars, standard front telescopic shockers, and a completely different crossmember, the shell of the C is very different to the B to accept the different suspension setup/loadings. The C had to be engineered with this front suspension because the cast iron block 3 litre C series 6 cyl. engine was too long and high to fit using the standard B coil sprung crossmember.

I am aware that it would be a major mod, but you wouldn't be reinventing the wheel as the I six and the chev engines are comparable in weight.
George B.

I used an after market spring used in a coil over setup.I don't have a record of the part # but the brand was Afcoil.I just brought an original spring to my local speed shop and he matched it to one that was just slightly stiffer,ID and OD were the same.They are available in 8",10",12" etc. I got the 12's and just cut them til I reached the correct ride height,which naturally turned out to be a 10" length,could have saved myself a lot of work had I bought 10's in the first place.I have an aluminum headed Ford which would be lighter than your Chevy so you're final length would no doubt be different.

The floors and middle cross-member are also completely different. Not re-inventing the wheel, just converting a wire to a Rostyle ...
Paul Hunt

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