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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - fuel percolating in carburetor

a bit of an aggravation is the fuel percolation after shutdown of our 3.9 rover/carter 500 carburetor. regardless of outside temperature (today 35 f) the carb boils over into the engine within 5 minutes of shutdown, meaning flooded engine and empty carb. already have a louvered hood. am installing a carb cooling fan now & perhaps that will help. would install a thermo/plastic gasket between the carb & intake manifold if there was room. might resort to bastardizing a 'c' hood and doing this if the carb cooling
fan idea tanks. any ideas out there in cyberspace would be most appreciated.
todd wyatt

How about using a fuel shut-off switch to kill the engine? It shouldn't matter much that the carb is empty with an electric fuel pump.
George B.

If you have electric radiator cooling fans, you might try runnning them unswitched, ie, allowing them to operate whether the engine is running or not. They should then turn on when you shut off the engine and it gets hot - hopefully keeping temps down.Good luck.

i have wired the electric fans to operate independently of the ignition. but maybe i should locate the probe higher within the radiator to kick on more often, although this time of year they rarely come on--i also have the fixed fan on the engine. the mechanical fan because i also have ac so needs lots of airflow come summer time** (**a 3 week period that occurs every few years up here). the fuel shut off idea sounds interesting.
todd wyatt

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