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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fuel Pressure?

I have a Silver top Facet fuel pump that has died on me. It has only run for about 1000 miles but during this time got very wet and kept shorting out.
I have tried to start it today and it is stuck.
I have ordered another one. This time a bit larger.
Can you folks tell me what flow rate / pressure I should have?
The old unit was 4-5 psi 18 UK gall/hr.
The new one will be 5-6 psi and 27 UK gall/hr.
My engine is a 3.5 with std cam, 9.75 pistons and Webber 500 carb in an MGB.
I am thinking of changing my order to the Red Top version ( 6-7.25psi 35Gall/hr) and buy a pressure regulator. Would this be a good idea?
D M Tetlow

I ran a 3.5, 10.25:1, performance cam, same carb as yours, with a stock MGB pump for 7 years, way over 100,000 miles, with no fuel problems. It was not until I built a GT with a 4.2 that I needed more pump, and only at WOT over 100 mph.

Either go back to a stock MG unit, or replace/repair the silver top unit you have. Water should not hurt the Facet, although it may have damaged the wiring. I would remove the pump, use some test leads and connect it directly to the battery. Unless there is some crud in the gas line,it should work. These are solid state pumps and are normally pretty bullit proof.
Jim Stuart

I thought these units were indestructible too, but mine kept stopping when driving through heavy rain. After 5 mins it would work again. This kept happening for about 1 hour until I covered the unit with a plastic bag. It did not go wrong for 3 days then!
I left the unit in the house for a couple of days to dry out, then sealed up the hole around the wire entry to the pump. I tried it yesterday and all it would give is a single clunk!!
Not too good for what was a new pump. (18 months old but never used)
D M Tetlow

I have been running with no problem with the same set up on a standard MGB fuel pump. I have been through some torrential rain during that time.

GLG Lavis

Hi Graham.
I can't agree more. I was told to use this "Race Pump" for my V8. I believed that this was the logical progression from the bog standard mgb basic equipment.
I realise now I should have stayed the standard units until I found problems!!
BUT if having payed top dollar for the "Best" I thought it should at least work.
I am now trying to get the best from what I feel is a bum deal.
As I hope to eventually progress to a 4.6 I intend to fit a Red Top pump with an adjustable regulator that I can set up to satisfy all situations.
Thanks for your input.
D M Tetlow

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