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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fuel Pump

My fuel pump has been causing me some bother for a while now, and has now packed up.
Looking in the MGOC Accessories catalogue they show a solid state fuel pump (cat. No. G063)
which states " Solid state electronic circuitry, no moving points to wear therefore more reliable",
and says it is suitable for MGB and V8's. Does anyone have any experience as to whether this is
a good one to get for a factory standard V8?
Mark Bushby

My V8 came with an SU-type pump with solid-state instead of points. It was fine for 50k or so, then started playing up intermittently. Since there is nothing that can be done with these apart from replacing them - they don't respond to a thump like the originals do - I junked it and fitted a standard points-type. I would never use a solid state one again.
Paul Hunt

I've had a solid state pump (not an SU) on my B for over five years now. No trouble so far. I got it from the Welsh MG Centre - nice guy, good prices.
Of course an original SU with points could well last five years without bother also....
Mike Howlett

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