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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fuel pump

Has anyone found a good, reliable and relatively inexpensive fuel pump for use with a hotwire EFI system? I know I need at least 28-36 psi at the fuel rail but it's hard to gauge how strong of a pump I'll need at the tank to get the fuel there at that pressure.


Can you get the pump from the vehicle you got the engine from, or buy a new one from the dealer?? That would be the best option. Other than that you will need to get a pump that is designed for EFI systems, and also have to run a return line to the tank as the EFI systems work off an overpressure system if they are anything like new EFI systems. Sorry not much help there
Larry Embrey

Rovers used an in-tank pump -- completely worthless in this application. The return line is simple. I used an early tank with the fuel feed pipe welded to the tank, and a late model sending unit with the fuel feed line built in. As long as I keep my fuel tank relatively full, I won't (shouldn't) have any surging problems. I think holly has an 80 psi fuel pump for about $180.00 but I'd rather not spend that much on a fuel pump unless I really have to.

How's the 302 project going? Doing any driving yet?


Oh man you HAD to ask about that didn't you!! :-P I had 1st test firing yesterday. After relearning how Ford cylinder numbering is done she sputtered to life, but only for a few seconds.. I need to get the alterntor mounted, as the belt drives the water pump which I need to be able to run in the cam. Then get clutch bled and set right and off we go!!

I just got a holley blue pump. 97gph, 14psi. I don;t know about the EFI pumps, but I had problems with the holley at 1st. it could not prime itself at all, I have the same tank set-up as you and used the sending unit outlet to hit it wil compressed air which pushed fuel up to the pump and off she went.. Just warnning you these new fuel pumps cannot pull fuel at all if they run dry, least mine could not. You know you could probably mount a in tank pump in the sending unit somehow? would make replacement of it a snap to if you ever had to..
Larry Embrey

Why not consider the set up from a Range Rover as they run V8 Rover systems with EFI.

Good call Steve,
I was just going to say that as well. Call your local wrecking yards. They may have a rover or at least point you to a yard that does.
Larry Embrey

We use an external pump. Possibly the same one you have mentioned. It produces more PSI then we need as our motors are in need of more pressure then the numbers you are requesting. These "in Line" fuel pumps provide fine power with no problems as long as you keep the gas tank above 1/3 full. Otherwise, you will get the tank to slosh gas all the way back making the car have a sudden drop in power... You know, it will feel like its still got the emissions legal rubber bumper motor still under the hood feeling. :-)
One cure for this is what is referred to as a swirl pot. Internal or external, this would help, but I usually sugjest keeping above 1/3 of a tank if you plan to take off hard from a dead stop.... Thats the cheapest cure.
Good Luck,
BMC Brian McCullough

A trip to your local junkyard, the type that lets you pull your own parts, will yeild a pump. The last one I bought was off of a Nissan 280ZX for $12. BMWs, some Volvos and probably others that have the L-jetronic or their Japanese equivalents have EFI pumps that are suitable. Some have a nice bracket with a doughnut isolator.


Go to They sell a high pressure pump suitable
for the hot wire set up.....This is what i got for my 3.9 hot wire motor.It was only $89.00 and looks just like the BMW one but a whole lot cheaper.Made in the USA to.Has ample psi and flow rate.Check it out!
Dave Ross

Oops...Wrong link.This is the correct one Then go to fuel management
and look up the pump....Good luck! if you need any other info on this setup give me a shout...Cheers
Dave Ross

Thanks for the link! I was able to source the pump for $94.00 so I will definitely be going that route. What did you use for oxygen sensors in your manifolds? I plan on purchasing a set of msd non heat treated sensors and mounting them in the mainfold somewhere after the collector. (RV8 manifolds)

Thanks again!

Gosh you guys are lucky, genuine Bosch pumps are in the region of 100 here, and the high pressure Italian pump I fitted cost 120!.Don't forget these pumps don't suck fuel too well, and need mounting as low as possible, i've put mine on a bracket welded to the body behind the handbrake cable ,so the pump is right up against the front of the fuel tank .The last time I made the mistake of running the low pressure pipe over the axle to a pump fixed to the battery box, and had all kinds of starting difficulties

Good luck

Mike Barnfather
Michael barnfather

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