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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - fuel pumps

hello probally a really stupid question,,but here goes [im new to mg's & conversions] but have been around british m/c,s for quite awhile,[lucas,,] anyway if i bought a repair manual [if i wasent so cheap] im sure this would be explained,,i have a fuel pump that wont come on anymore until i leave ignition on then wack area above fuel pump ,in trunk with small hammer that i now just leave out of toolbox..this only happens after car sits day or 2,,after that it works fine till car sits day or 2, again.. im sure it will fail completley sooner or later,question is there are points that are sticking can these be easily cleaned? will pump be reliable after that? or as i suspect should a failing 30 year old fuel pump just be replaced? & if so should it be replaced with an original one? after all the orig.[I'm assuming its the original one,,i replaced rotting fuel lines back there last year.]one lasted 30 years[car has approx.60,000 miles] it mounts perfectly,hate to booger that up,but are there any better/higher pressure ones[do i really need a higher pressure one?]that mount as the original one does[same hole/wires/etc.]car has the 215 & 4bbl. elderbrock,,no insufficent pressure problems that i've noticed,,really dont want to add things like relays/regulators/etc.want to keep things simple,,but all you guys know more than i,so im asking?? thanks in advance,,always good responses to anything i post,, this is a great site!!!

Denny--its quite probably an SU pump in the trunk and youre right the points are sticking. These can be cleaned up and sorted out fairly easliy and the pumps are reliable but expensive.Check the archives in the BBS under MGB Technical thread under fuel pump --lots of info there. I recommend using as a replacement an electronic pump from NAPA or auto supply place up to about 7 psi rating.They are a little noisy but if mounted properly in rubber can be quieted down nicely.I am using a Holley Red pump on my Ford 5.0L with a 500cfm Edelbrock carb and it works just fine.If I can help further in any way just contact me.--Gil
Gil Price

thanks gil,i talked to you about the tenn. meet, cant seem to access archives [for members only]. i really should join [cheap a--]. come spring [car in unheated garage]i'll get under there for a better look, till then i'll keep wackin it with the minature hammer, i'll probally replace it, then clean up the points & keep it for a spare,think i'll stick with the stock one it mounts in there perfect, thanks for your time..

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Hi, Frank ,its free ? i didnt know that, then being a cheap a-- is not a very good excuse.. mainly i just come directly to this page,once in awhile i look at the classifieds, really havent done that much exploring on site, but this page is great.. thanks

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