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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Fuel pumps...which one?

OK...I'm down to collecting the last of the $$ parts..

Which fuel pumps have proven themselves to be worthy?

For the record...I have a bored and stroked 3.9 litre Rover with an Edelbrock 500 4bbl carb in my MGB/GT.

Mechanical pump (direct drive?) ... Electronic aftermarket pump? A "good ole bang on me all you want" SU ..

All opinions respected.

Rick Ingram

Nothing wrong with the original-type SU - less work and quieter.
Paul Hunt

How about skipping the pump and just going with gravity feed? You could strap a 50 gallon barrel on top of that purple/silver beast you're making and just use gravity to feed the fuel.

Think of the benefits: 1) an entire endurance rally with no fuel stops, 2) mount the barrel toward the rear to make greater traction for the wheels, 3) you'll be the only one at the V8 convention to have one, and 4) save you the price of a fuel pump.

(Proud consultant to TwoRickRacin')
Robert Rushing

A Mallory Comp 70 pump seems to work just great with the Edelbrock/Carter/Weber/whatever. Personally I think those SUs are for the birds ... on of my least favorite features of an MG. Can easily mount the Mallory so it's very quiet. The plumbing is simpler -- no silly banjo bolts and such.


I had a Facet Red Top pump and this piece of junk burnt itself out from the inside. Scared the hell out of me filled the cabin with smoke. According to Facet "oh year this was a problem on some pumps".. ?!!

I went back to the std V8 SU fuel pump and it supplies my Edelbrock 500 (3.5L) just fine. I think the factory fuel pump is supposed to be good for up to 200bhp but don't quote me.

The thing that made me swap in the first place was the Fuel Pressure difference between SU's and the Edelbrock. I give my Car heaps and I can't tell the difference between the two pumps except one hasn't tried to set me on fire!!!!

Neil Cotty

Thanks to all who have answered as of today. Neil, I'm guessing my engine will put out about 300bhp...kinda rules out the SU if your numbers are, for now, I'll lean (no pun intended) towards an aftermarket electronic pum[...I'm guessing about 4-6 pounds? Cheers...rick
rick ingram

I have Facits on all my MGs other than the RV8 - of course.

There was a bad batch some 4 to six years ago, and I had one of them which failed after a few hundred miles. Otherwise no problems, but I would recommend (for any pump) a fuel pressure regulator, and a couple of fuel filters.

Remember that the glass and chrome in-line filters look pretty but as suspect becuase of under bonnet (hood) fires.

Safety Fast

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Nigel Steward

Rick: 300bhp? I would really doubt it. An Edelbrock wants 5.5psi. I'd just get a regular electric muscle car pump like a Holley or a Mallory. Mallory's surely a bit quieter. Of course there is nothing wrong with a mechanical pump either, except the fuel has to travel a mile through that hot engine bay before it goes to the carb.
Bill Withum

I had my engine built to my specs by Dan Legrau of D&D Fabrication up in Michigan. Dan guestimates the engine will develope just shy of 300bhp. It has been bored .010 over and stroked with a Buick 300 crank. Displacement is now about 289ci. I really do not want to to start a horsepower thread here. We'll see what I get after the project is completed. Thanks for the information, though. rick
rick ingram

Holley Blue pump will be perfect, they come from factory with a Regulator . Reg and pump are $97 from summit racing
Larry Embrey

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