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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - fuel return

Just fitting up the fuel tank and pipes to the car can anyone tell me do I need a return from car to tank..
Fitting Facet pump and 390 Holley. Is it advisable to fit a fuel regulator

Nevr, everyone who knows about these things tells me it's a really good idea, but it is also a pain in the neck and I haven't gotten around to it. All I know is that it works without it, so there's not much motivation to fix what already works great. To tell you the truth, I seriously doubt that with that little Facet pump -- which is only like 45gph -- you'd really need it. But no question, it is the way to keep your fuel cool and give even pressure even when suddenly changing throttle conditions. Plus the fuel pump is quieter since it is never bogged down. I run a Carter carb which isn't that different from the Holley fuel-wise. BTW, I was thinking I'd just drill a hole into/put a fitting in the tank sending unit for the return line.

re: Fuel Pump & Regulator. It depends on which Facet pump you are using. If you have a Silver top as I do, they only put out 5.5psi so you won't need a regulator. If you have a red top, you will definitely need a regulator as the psi is much higher. I run an Edelbrock 500 and the recommended pressure for it is 6psi.

Neil Cotty

You shouldn't need a fuel return line unless you are using a fuel injection system.
Bill Young

You don't _need_ a return line unless you use FI, but it's a great idea anyhow. Again, cool fuel, no bog from deadhead regulator, quiet pump ... what's not to like? I'm definitely going to do this ... about 99.99% of circle-track and drag racers do it, must be up to something.

I would suggest that any tank mods only be carried out on a BRAND NEW tank. A used tank is a potential bomb!Any cutting ,drilling, brazing etc could be lethal.FWITW Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Barrie, I totally agree, that's why I was just going to drill the hole in the sender for the return line -- I would remove it from the tank before doing so of course. Long ago, I had a friend try to do some welding on the corner of a used gas tank, which he had almost completely immersed in water except for the actual corner that was being welded. BOOM!! He got knocked on his tail and the project was ruined. Kids, you know.

It is the VAPOR that is so dangerous. I have actually seen film of a person wleding on a FULL fuel tank. In fact he filled it up prior to starting to minimize the risk of the vapor igniting..
Larry Embrey

If the tank's full, you may only catch fire.
Angus Davies

Harry (VA), use the sender..what a brilliant idea!! You just solved my problem...thanks!!
mark mathiesen

-- blush --

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